View Full Version : Arrowhead sounds/wavs/mp3s

08-31-2006, 05:35 PM
I'm looking to change the theme of my cell phone to Chief's again this year, but this time I want some "Arrowhead" sounds to go along with the pictures. I would like mostly music for ringtone/text message tone/etc.

So far I have downloaded (yet to edit for ringtone though)
Montley Crew - KickStart My Heart
AC/DC - For Those About to Rock
Gary "Dumba$$ Bunghole" Glitter - Rock And Roll Part 2

I'm really looking for the song that Arrowhead plays just before the player intoductions though.

If anyone can help me with the name or download of that song...or any other songs they play at Arrowhead I'd appreciate it.