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12-19-2000, 03:32 PM
He made a statement about our back and said "That if THAT guy can rush for 150 (yards), then it's rally embarrassing."
What a piece of crap. Why does he have to take that away from T. Rich?

12-19-2000, 03:37 PM
On the TV coverage they quoted Romo where he basically stated they weren't concerned with the KC RB's because they had no moves.

Wonder what the defense was thinking when they were counting TRich's cleats while lying on their backs.

12-19-2000, 03:38 PM
He took nothing away from T-Rich. He's just trying to discredit him. The Chiefs own the Donx & they can't stand it. http://www.chiefsplanet.com/ubb/tongue.gif

12-19-2000, 03:39 PM
Mobley ran his mouth after the Loss at Mile High also. Talk about a player whose play has diminshed....After getting beat four times in a row, it REALLY makes him look like a sore loser.<P>

12-19-2000, 03:40 PM
Ya know, slowly because of crap like that, I am starting to resent the Broncos as much as the Raiders. I used to hate the Raiders because they were low class. These guys aren't showing much shine in my book either. I enjoy a good healthy rivalry and would have even rooted for the Broncos in the past if we were not in contention, but they are as much a bunch of *** holes as the Raiders now.

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12-19-2000, 03:44 PM
I forgot about romopharmacy...Guess he was thinking, But they are fast..Remember TR pulling away from him? On that corner run that the safety Brown had to push TR Out of Bounds?

12-19-2000, 03:44 PM
Just starting, Bishop? Ever since Shannon Sharpe's comments after the 98 game at Pile High, i've literally HATED the Donx.

12-19-2000, 03:46 PM
Gunther mentions that quote in his press conference today. I think that probably will be used for motivation next year.

Rather than grousing about the idiot, we should be thanking him.

I would guess that TRich will be looking very much forward to his next date with Mr. Mobley and the Donkeys.

12-19-2000, 03:48 PM
Wasn't Mobely also the one who called the Rams offense a bunch of "junk" after the Rams laid 40 or so on them opening night?

12-19-2000, 03:50 PM
If Mobley would have spent a little more time making hits and a little less time running his piehole, Tony may not have piled up close to 150 yards. Hmmm?

12-19-2000, 03:53 PM
Wasn't Mobley the guy who said that the Chiefs have been kicking his teams' *** in general and his own *** in particular for so long now that he hereby promises not to open his mouth again unless it's to take some Anacin or to thank the nurse for the suppository?

Oh wait...I must be thinking of another Bronco...Anacin is too harsh for Mobley's tummy-wummy: I think he takes St. Joseph's chewables, the predominantly-orange flavored ones. No wonder our converted fullbacks (e.g. Anders, Richardson) set personal bests against Denver--their linebackers are a bunch of crybabies.

12-19-2000, 07:13 PM
Why shouldn't they be whiners? They are coached by the biggest candy *** whiner in the NFL!