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12-19-2000, 01:18 PM
Just for you Packfan! So what would you like to discuss with us simpletons? http://www.chiefsplanet.com/ubb/smile.gif

12-19-2000, 01:19 PM
The Garbage man awaits your infinate wisdom!

12-19-2000, 01:20 PM
Yeah, come chat with us 3rd shift, blue collar guys.

12-19-2000, 01:29 PM
Is it aliiiiiiiiiiiive?

Alton deFlat
12-19-2000, 01:31 PM
Do moles hibernate?

12-19-2000, 01:46 PM

What is a PACKER ? What do they pack ? Where do they pack it at ?

12-19-2000, 01:53 PM
foosball thread...foosball's the debil!!! http://www.chiefsplanet.com/ubb/mad.gif

Baby Lee
12-19-2000, 01:55 PM
momma says da gata's grouchy 'cuz he has all them teefs and no toofbrush.

12-19-2000, 01:58 PM
"Well, lets see what mama has to say on the subject"

"mama's wrong"


and the best...."she showed me her boobies, and I liked em."

classic litterature...

Baby Lee
12-19-2000, 02:05 PM
Technically - 'I like vicky,and she likes me ,too. She showed me her boobies and I like them too'

My favorite is when he's mumbling something to momma and part of the mumbling is 'mmmmm, Mr. Coach Klein. . . mmmmm Roy Orbison'

12-19-2000, 02:05 PM
"Now that's high-quality H20"

12-19-2000, 02:11 PM
Since this obvious football(or foosball) topic has degenerated into a sports movie line topic, I would like to add a line from one of my favorite sports movies, "The Sandlot".

"You play baseball like a girl!!!"

12-19-2000, 02:12 PM
I almost busted a gut when Michigan put in their towel boy.

Best line of the movie:
"You can DOOOO it!"<BR>

12-19-2000, 02:13 PM

thats great "you pee drinking crap face" :)

"oh ohooohhohooohh wendy peffercorn.." My personal "wendy" was Marcy Eccelston, ohohhhohwowoohho....the pool....


YOU can do it...all night long.

I think I said that 20 times at the game sunday...

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12-19-2000, 02:19 PM
Dang it you guys - Packfool will never talk foos... I mean football with us if you keep this nonsense up! Knock it off now :rolleyes: <P>

12-19-2000, 02:26 PM
Iowanian - That's like the best cheer EVER. I use it whenever I can pretty much.

How could I forget this gem:

Lawrence Taylor: "Which brings me to my second point, kids. Don't do crack."

That was hysterical!<P>

12-19-2000, 06:23 PM
OK Wis Chief,

What do you think the Chiefs need to do in the offseason to moved themselves from mediocrity to a contender? First, is it possible? If so, what player moves, coaching moves, and cap moves. And how long will it take.

This ought to be good!

12-19-2000, 06:49 PM
Hey Packfan, good to have you.

Is it possible? Yes, I think it is possible. I think a better question would be is is probable? That depends on all of the things that you mention. Let's start at the top. As much as you and just about everyone else hates it - Carl is here to stay. We all know his track record for the draft and cap issues - rather poor. But, this last draft at least seemed to show some hope. Is this because of Gun's influence? Maybe - I personally think that Denny Thum had more to do with this one and will also have a great amount of influence in this one coming up. As much as you hate Gun, I also think he knows what kind of players he wants and I personally like the big, fast players he wants.
That's where I would start. The defensive line must be worked over good. Get Chester to play like he did the last 2-3 weeks and we'll be okay in the middle. I don't think that will happen. Depending on the cap hit, cut him or reneg his contract and draft a DT in the second if available. Hicks and Clemmons got it good at the ends. Best available defensive players late draft picks (2-3 players). The defensive line needs the middle help - Wesley is making too many rushing tackles.

Offense - Elvis will be back and his contract will be cap friendly for the short haul. Give him the dinero, he earned it. I'll admit, I'm not the most knowledgable cap person, but I doubt any of us will do it better than Carl will - JMO. My first pick would be a RB if available at 15-18. Don't know if that will be there, but he should make every effort to get one thru moving up or other aggresive action. I dig TR, but he's not the answer. Dillon will not be here - too much money!!! Carl has to take the RB sit serious and not f*ck it up - Elvis, TG, and the rest of the team deserve action on this issue!!!

Coaches? Give Gun ONE more year. 2 is not enough - 3 is. Loose at the least Kurt and Stock and all of their staff. Find a way to get Ray Rhodes (I want this guy on D) and find any ST coach out of college (no names come to mind immediately). I believe that very much of the problems is at the coaches down in the trenches - the position coaches!!!

How long will it take? I give Gun 1 more year and then clean him out. 3 is enough. Will it get done this next year? I don't think it will lead to the SB, but if the KC Chiefs can play 8 more games like they played the RAms and Denver, that will be get it done next year to go to the playoffs. And anything can happen there. Marty is gone and we don't know if Gun can do it there. I think he might be able to because he seems to have a little bit of a knack for the big games. Not always, but there seems to be some light there.

Free agents? - I don't know who's coming out, but believe it or not, I agree with you that that has to be the smallest part of building a SB team. It's important, but the draft must be the core!

I didn't proof read this yet, as I have to go, but I'll check back later.

Mark M
12-19-2000, 07:02 PM
(sound of thunderous applause) Bravo! Bravo!

Be careful what you wish for, Packfan.

~~Leaving well enough alone...for now.

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12-19-2000, 07:28 PM
Wis Chief,

Awesome! I have to admit, I had my doubts based on the pointless ridicule you have directed over and over at me. Nice job!

Now, if we could only get MI Chief to use his head while he is on this board, then we will be in good shape.

I agree with most of what you said, except I dont think they can afford Grbac. I think that could get ugly. He thinks he is deserving, the league is QB deprived, and the Chiefs have re-negotiated enought times with him. The ball is in Elvis' court and I think he may leave-which is good. I dont think he is capable of winning playoff football and so far, hasnt proven me wrong.
Gunter should be fired. He has no clue. Nobody has been able to motivate Chester so take the cap hit and cut him.

Nice job!

12-19-2000, 08:21 PM
small curtsie, finger in my cheek.

Spank you, spank you very much.

Ken, you just make it so easy for every one here to hammer you. Back off on your know it all attitude, accept that you are not the only knowledgable football fan in the world and football discussions with you might happen. Football is fun and I enjoy it immensly. I understand football, but there is a reason we are all on this board and not employeed by one of the 32 NFL teams - none of us really no jack!!! :D

Now, I've got to get to bed - trash has to be collected bright and early! http://www.chiefsplanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

12-19-2000, 09:07 PM
“The ball is in Elvis' court and I think he may leave-which is good…”

I don’t agree on this one. Outside of the draft, who would replace him? Everyone knows you think acquiring a QB through FA is a mistake and if we look for someone in the draft we are looking at at least 2-3 years before he develops. I don’t think we have time for that with the talent we have at our WR & TE positions right now. Elvis needs to stay.

“Gunter should be fired. He has no clue.”

I kind of agree with you on this one, but I would like to see what he could do with some capable coordinators on his staff. I, like WisChief, would like to see Rhodes as our DC. He turned around Washington’s defense from near the bottom to the top of the league. Norv Turner would be a nice OC, but I don’t think he would be interested in coming to KC. He will be most likely looking for another HC position. Mike Stock has got to go—no doubt about it.

“Nobody has been able to motivate Chester so take the cap hit and cut him.”

Agreed. Too many mental lapses don’t make up for the production he’s given the last 3 games.<BR>

12-19-2000, 09:28 PM
This team is GrBac's team and he knows it. He'll renegotiate to a more cap friendly deal.
I don't think Goonther deserves another season, because he's the moron that kept The 3 Stooges after their poor performance of '99. He's also shown some qualities that aren't what you want from your leader, i.e, taking credit for positives and laying blame on others for negatives. People remember those knids of things and become bitter about it, and tend not to give this kind of person their best effort.
Unfortunately, it doesn't seem possible for the Chiefs to take the cap hit to release Chet, so in the interim, just sit his umotivated *** down, until the time that he can be cut.
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