View Full Version : Happy Birthday Susan Howell - Dec. 20

j molina
12-20-2000, 12:21 AM
The chances anyone here knows who she is are about nill. I thought this would be the best way since Susan was such a huge KC Chiefs and Royals fan.

An Air Force child born in France who called Kansas City her home. I met her 20 years ago when her family was stationed at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois. I was active duty at the time.

Our careers took us in different directions but we always stayed friends. Good friends.

She changed my life forever and the way I thought about myself and other people. She gave me confidence. I loved her. Don't know if she felt the same but I think she at least liked me. That counts for something.

Susan was born on this date in 1962 and killed in a auto accident on I-470, March 16, 1999. She would've been 38 today.

I still can't believe it to this date. Hardly a day goes by I don't think of her. She was beautiful. She had charm. She had personality. She had it all.

God bless you Susan. I love you and miss you. And I'll see you in the next life. It might be a while though. I've got some kickin' left to do. You understand sweetheart. I know you would not want me to quit.


John Molina

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12-20-2000, 12:54 AM
She sounds like someone remembered fondly and often, John. This must be a bittersweet day for the folks who knew her best.

12-20-2000, 08:43 AM
Happy Birthday Susan. John, condolences for your loss. She sounds like a wonderful woman. I trust people that read this will take a moment to appreciate the ones they love.

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12-20-2000, 08:59 AM
John - That was a beautiful post. I'm so sorry for your loss. She sounds like a wonderful lady.

Happy birthday Susan.


12-20-2000, 09:57 AM

Beautiful post,Sorry for the lost! Happy Birthday Susan.<P>

12-20-2000, 10:00 AM
John: I wish I had the words. I think you gave everyone a gift here today and a lesson as well. Thanks

12-20-2000, 10:06 AM
My heartfelt sympathy, for you, and those others, who were part of her life. This really puts things like football, election, etc. in a proper perspective. I hope everyone takes this as an opportunity, to tell those near and dear to you, how much they mean to you. Happy Birthday Susan.

j molina
12-20-2000, 10:33 AM
Thanks for your replies folks. I know she would've liked it. Thank you all very much.

John M.