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09-10-2006, 08:04 PM
I figured we could use something less depressing...


BOOMER GRIGSBY - Diary...Take 2
Sep 08, 2006, 4:15:57 PM

Volume 2, Entry 2 – September 9, 2006

I hope you all enjoyed my off-season exploits, but that’s far from my mind now as we’re about to kick this thing off for real on Sunday against Cincinnati. The team is really jacked up about getting started and playing a regular season game.

grigsdia2First of all it’s sooooo nice to be back from training camp and home in Kansas City. I love River Falls because of the weather, but the dorms remind me too much of my freshman and sophomore years of college. It’s so much better to be around all of our fans, and around more commerce and your own bed.

Right when I got home I went straight to Kyoto, a Japanese Steak House in Overland Park, Kansas. It’s fantastic and I go there all the time. It’s my favorite restaurant and I actually think that the sushi and fish there is better than the stuff on the coasts. It sounds crazy, but I’m telling you the place is outstanding. I go there about three times a week.

One of the highlights of camp was getting to do the NFL Network “Monday-Night-Football-style” headshots. You know, the ones where you slowly raise your head and say your name and school. It was the first time I’ve ever gotten to do that and it was spectacular.

As I was sitting there waiting for my turn I was trying to think of how to do it with maximum style. I wanted to say it with energy. I was thinking about all of those Ohio State and Miami guys who put the word “The” in front of their school and think their alma mater is THE place. So as much as I’ve always thought that was ridiculous when guys did that, I figured that I’d throw it back at them and say with pride, “THE Illinois State University.” So people will probably think that I’m an idiot but I’m glad I did it. I got a kick out of it. The University of Illinois will probably say, “whatever” but that’s what they get for not recruiting me.

But in addition to saying your name and school you had to give them a steely-eyed look. I wondered if I should smile and be happy or if I should look tough Butkis-style or the Zoolander Blue Steel. So I decided to do all of them in a five-second mixed-emotion montage of faces if you will. First was the pretty boy smile attempt, into a goony-wink to the teeth-showing growl and wrapping it up with a Blue Steel look. It’s a really short thing, so getting through all of the faces was a challenge. I gladly accepted the challenge.

I forgot to mention about when I participated in the Trent Green Charity Golf Outing. As you may or may not know, I am not much of a golfer. So I was put with the last place team from last year’s outing. It was a riot. I took a picture of a hole that I put in a house with one of my sweet shots. I realized at my golf event this summer that when they say shotgun start, it doesn’t really include a shotgun. Well it did for mine! We had a local Sheriff come out and shoot a shotgun into one of the sand traps to start the tournament.

But back to Trent’s tourney… the highlight was also probably a personal low note. We were well into the course and on a more secluded hole and Jared Allen’s foursome pulled up behind us as I was about to hit. They pulled up just in time to see me whiff. So he yells out, “Everytime you whiff you need to take off a piece of clothing!” I thought, “Alright.” Because I thought for sure I’d hit it the second time. But, me being a terrible golfer, it got to the point where I’m on this fancy golf course with no shirt on and my khaki golf shorts around my ankles. Classy, I know. But I finally hit it – probably into the weeds or something – and we moved on. It was hilarious though and we all had a lot of fun.

Here’s another interesting note… I got fan mail from Japan. I thought it was so cool that I felt I needed to give them a shout out or something. It was a big thrill and I signed something and sent it back. I always send back fan mail. It may take awhile to get it back, but I will. My mom and sister come to every home game and they help me with the fan mail when they’re here.

I never sent anything to pro athletes to get signed, but when I was younger my dad was a huge baseball memorabilia collector. We used to go to big card shows all the time and they’d have guest signings. So I’d wait in line and get autographs from guys like Mickey Mantle and Pete Rose. I really remember getting Rose’s autograph because my dad used to always preach to me about hard work and always giving 110 percent just like Charlie Hustle. Disregard his gambling on baseball, I still respect how great of a player he was.

I actually ran into Charlie Hustle in Las Vegas (imagine that). He was doing a signing and you could get a signed jersey that had all of his stats embroidered on it. Normally I wouldn’t pay for another athlete’s autograph – I’d happily shake their hands and meet them – but for Pete Rose I did it. I have it framed and hanging in my basement. The only pro athlete I can remember having pictures up on my bedroom walls was Pete Rose, so it just kind of has personal symbolism to me.

But back to signing autographs and returning fan mail, I do it because I know the impact it can have on people – kids in particular. In fact, I’m personally in the market for a couple autographs myself. I’m looking for a Pete Maravich and Steve Prefontaine autographs or memorabilia if anyone has anything like this…

I watch the Prefontaine movie everytime it’s on TV, and my favorite movie growing up was Pete Maravich “The Birth of a Legend.” They’re all about hard work and making something out of nothing. Those were my heroes growing up.

Coach Herm Edwards is fantastic. He came in here and got everyone’s attention from the get-go. He got everyone behind him 100 percent. The guys on the team play hard for him because he’s kind of an inspiration in his own way. He’s honest and doesn’t believe in gray areas. Everything is black and white. But that’s really cool because all of us know what is excepted as far as production. He even says, “You might be a great guy, but if you don’t perform you might need to be in another system.”

That’s not him being a tough guy or ruling through putting fear in people, it’s him straight shooting and doing what he needs to get things done. People respect him because of that.

People outside of the team make comments about practices being easier, or him not being hard on the players. But it’s not so much that it’s easier it’s just very different. Our practice speed is so much faster. We get a lot done in a short period of time. He’s outstanding at utilizing time. As much as people might complain, he’d be the greatest boss of all time. You would literally only be at work when you needed to be at work. If you needed to do extra, then you would. He leaves a lot of responsibility up to the players, but we’re professionals. We need to know what it takes for us to get ready. For example, I know that it takes me a lot more to get game-ready than it probably does for some one like Derrick Johnson. I’m not as naturally talented, so I need to study more and get more treatment. But that’s fine, as long as I understand that Coach gives us that opportunity.

Another thing about Coach Edwards is that he has so much passion for the game of football. Funny story from training camp: We’re doing a special teams period and running a kickoff coverage drill. I look up and see Coach playing the R1 position wearing Sammy Knight’s helmet and running down the field as a scout kickoff team member. This is the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs grabbing a helmet from one of the guys and running down the field with the 10 other guys. He ran down like he had pads on and everything, except he was only wearing a helmet. And by the way, I think he chipped his tooth in the process.

One other note about Coach Edwards that I appreciate is how often he reminds people that playing in the NFL is a privilege. He loves everything about the NFL and constantly reminds us that this is a career and not just a hobby. I love playing for him.

I also want to congratulate Coach and his wife on the birth of their second daughter. I’m sure he’ll have fun fending off the boys when they get older.

Gotta put in a plug for the TV series “Rescue Me.” For those of you who don’t know about this show you should really check it out on FX. It is the closest thing that I have seen to resembling a football locker room. It’s about New York City firemen and just gives you a glimpse inside what it’s like around all the guys. It’s shows how they joke around, what they talk about, the way they stick together, life as a rookie, etc. It’s fantastic… almost makes me want to be a firefighter. Almost.

So this Sunday we play the Bengals and we’re pretty ramped up. It’s a HUGE game for us. Everyone is building Cincinnati up to be a Super Bowl contender and we agree that they’re an outstanding football. But we’re fortunate to have them here at Arrowhead with the help of our 80,000 strong. We’ll get after them like anyone else and hopefully we’ll come out with a big win.

One last thing, be sure to tune into Jared Allen’s Chiefs Locker Room Show this Sunday morning on KCTV-5 at 10:00 a.m. right after Chiefs Insider at 9:30 a.m. I am the guest this week and I won’t ruin the surprise, but let’s just say that there is air guitar and a fire extinguisher involved. You won’t be disappointed.

Talk to next week,