View Full Version : Maybe I'm wrong and Herm can make it happen for us after all.

09-12-2006, 06:54 PM
I'm a fan and it is what it is. I'm bummed about the home loss, losing Trent, the decline of our OL, CP, AS not getting the HC job and losing him as our OC, DV leaving and finally retiring, not knowing if HERM is capable of handling the job and getting this team on track, knowing that Solari has a huge learning curve that may take a season or two to be effective, and not knowing that Gun is really the right fit as our DC.

But maybe we have a chance this season. 50% of the teams have losing records right now, and maybe my worries are unfounded and Herm will come through for us, and we will be fine. Just like everyone on this board I will be watching Sunday afternoon to see if we can beat Denver on the road. Even if we don't I will still have a glimmer of hope each and every week until we mathematically can not make the playoffs.

And even after that happens I will continue to have hope that next year will finally be our year, and despite my doubts and fears somehow will root for them each and every week year after year after year........
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