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12-27-2000, 01:18 PM

Who is Rufus really? Bob Gretz or John Proctor?

12-27-2000, 01:33 PM
Years where the Chiefs could manage only a 3-13 record or worse are nothing more than a distant memory

Uhh, Dawes, KC has never finished worse than 4-12. Do some research dumb@ss!

To be sure, neither the public nor the press appears apathetic about the team. While there may be discontent there is clearly no disengagement

Haven't been to Arrowhead recently eh? How about shopping malls - where KC gear prices have been dramatically slashed, and yet, stores seem to be overflowing with merchandise (because no one is buying it!)

Baby Lee
12-27-2000, 01:39 PM
Don't you know HC? Nobody's buying Chiefs' gear because Clinton is leaving and Dubya is taking his place. Everyones a-sceered to buy anything, what with dot-coms goin' in the crapper and all.

Actually, the gear isn't selling b/c

12-27-2000, 03:14 PM
i'm of the opinion that Rufus is really Carl Pederson.

12-27-2000, 03:18 PM
Dufus is a Peterson Lackey. Probably his secretary that writes the column every week and he edits it to his satisfaction. The notion that the Chiefs aren't doing to badly is blind and so homeristic that it's beginning to make me sick. Is Peterson going to have to pull a Mike Brown before Lamar wakes the hell up and does something? I'm growing really frustrated with this organization's management!

Tribal Warfare
12-27-2000, 03:27 PM
Like I said many, many, many, times King Carl is the problem. http://www.chiefsplanet.com/ubb/mad.gif

Archie F. Swin
12-27-2000, 10:30 PM
Chiefs History http://www.allsports.com/nfl/chiefs/history/histsked.html