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12-28-2000, 12:10 PM
While the Bengals feel they've made RB Corey Dillon a 'strong offer' (Mike Brown's words, not mine), Dillon's team rejected it summarily, citing his career-best season and other selling points: “It's every guy's dream to have his best season the season before he is eligible for free agency,” agent David Levine said. “For him not to test the free-agent market, it's going to have to be an extraordinary offer. Corey had the best year of his career under circumstances that were not the best. They didn't have a quarterback who could spread the field. Defenses were keyed to stopping him'.

He is reportetly asking for 4-5 million a year and a 10 million dollar signing bonus.

This is very similar to what he was asking for last year, even after the 278yd performance, long TD runs, 1400yds rushing, and second straight pro bowl. Unproven backs like James and Ricky Williams get paid 7-8 million a year, and we can't pay Dillon 5. What's up with that? Carl better take this and run with it....


Mark M
12-28-2000, 12:23 PM
Unless Carl can find a way to clear up $7 million in cap room ($5 million annual salary and $2 million in bonus spread over, say a five year deal, which is probably what he'd get) I don't see any way we can get this guy. Or any other "superstar" RB.

I wouldn't mind seeing Dillion in red & gold, I just don't see how the Chiefs can afford it with the Chets, Williams and Bushs eating up the cap.

We need to draft one or give TR a chance...we just ain't got the dough.

~~Knows that Carl's not that good managing the cap.

One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures.
--George W. Bush

12-28-2000, 12:27 PM
Carl has to find a way to sign him. He rushed for 1400 yds when the defenses keyed in on him, they haf no defense, or passing attack. Plus, he would actually want to play here. You don't get an opportunity for a superstar back very opten.

12-28-2000, 12:30 PM
Look at the stats. He failed against every good team he faced.

I had him on my fantasy team this year and had to bench him against every good defense because he always gave me a goose egg on the score board against those good D's.

He's a very good back, but I think he's overrated and certainly not worth 7 mil per year.

12-28-2000, 12:32 PM
I know he had over 100yds against Tennessee, and close to it against Baltimore. Besides, they have NO offense. I'm amazed that he can get 1400yds period.

12-28-2000, 12:33 PM
I know this is a lost cause, but I'll say it anyway. Give it up folks, Dillon will not be a Chief!!

[b]Give TRich the Ball!!!</B>

12-28-2000, 12:35 PM

Don't give up hope just yet, we should have at least a couple months that we will have cap room to afford him cause it will take CP at least that long to sign our 1st rounder.

12-28-2000, 12:41 PM
A couple of months? For CP to sign a 1st rounder? You're kidding, right?


Forget Dillon! [b]Give TRich the Ball!!!</B>

12-28-2000, 12:44 PM
Week #

1 - bye
2 - 41 against Cleveland
3 - 32 against Jax
4 - 9 against Baltimore
5 - 110 against Miami
6 - 95 against Tenn.
7 - 36 against Pitt.
8 - 278 against Denver
9 - 137 against Cleveland
10 - 23 against Baltimore
11 - 94 against Dallas
12 - 79 against NE
13 - 128 against Pitt.
14 - 216 against Arizona
15 - 42 against Tenn.
16 - 76 against Jax.
17 - 39 against Philly

He had a couple of decent games against the good teams. But the vast majority of his yards came against the horrible teams.

Like I said, he is a very good RB, but not worth 7 mil per year. Especially with the sacrifices we would be forced to make on the other areas of the roster.

12-28-2000, 12:46 PM
Cannibal - Something to keep in mind, they had no passing game what so ever.

To put this in perspective
<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>DA had 189 yards more receiving then the Bengals top 3 Receivers.
<LI>Warrick was the only Receiver on their team with more the 500 yards
<LI>Warrick only had 124 more yards receiving then TRich, and 170 more yards then Locket, our number 4 and number 5 WR's respectivly.
<LI>Warrick falls in 4th place in total yards in Chiefs team.
<LI>Chiefs 4408 yards passing, Bengals 2219 yards, almost half the output.</UL>

12-28-2000, 12:50 PM

A couple months after camp opens....

12-28-2000, 12:53 PM
Am I missing something here????

It seems to me that the Chiefs CAN sign Dillon IF they just part ways with Will Shields. Shields wants to test the market anyway - so the Chiefs should just part ways with him rather than franchise him. He's going to cost around $5 Million per year and he will commend a huge signing bonus so why not use that $$$ to lure Dillon. The Chiefs would still need to free up $$$$ but WITHOUT Shields, the job becomes that much easier! Carl GET TO WORK - and Will - don't let the door hit your overrated A$$ on your way out! It seems like a simple solution to me.

12-28-2000, 12:56 PM
If it looks like there is a lot of interest for Shields on the market then we need to at least make him a tender offer so that we can get a couple draft picks in return...

12-28-2000, 01:01 PM
JL - It is a good thing that Jax is so far over the cap, because I think they would be the first to make a play on him.

Mark M
12-28-2000, 01:07 PM
Very good point! However, Shields is one of our best lineman. If he goes and Grunny retires, and without Szott (sp?), who's going to block for Dillon? Not rippin' ya, just curious.

~~Missed a possibility...

12-28-2000, 01:33 PM
I have thought of that also. Here's my take on that. It is true that Will Shields is one of our best lineman but he was not our best one - that was Dave Szott. We KEEP Grunny (he will come back if Carl signs Dillon) and we run SWEEPS behind Tait and Riley. For too long we have been running up Grunny's A$$, (probably why he wants to retire *grin*) it's time to diversify our runing game. If Grunny stays, we only have to replace one lineman (Shields) and Shields has not helped us much in the Running game without Dave Szott. IMHO, a GREAT RB can make an average line BETTER. We have seen what a good OL can do with AVERAGE RB's. I'm for trying it the other way!

12-28-2000, 01:46 PM
BTW, even without Shields, the Chiefs line is as good as the Natti's and look what Dillon did with them. That was without a real passing game. It just makes more sense to cut ties with Shields if it lands Dillon. We have won nothing with Pro Bowl Lineman like Shields, let's see what happens without him!

Mark M
12-28-2000, 01:50 PM
Excellent. You've convinced me this is the way to go. And I agree with your take on Grunny...if we can re-sign Elvis (who Grun seems to love...maybe he has soft hands? :D ) and get a stud RB, then he will stay. Otherwise, thanks for the memories Grunny!

But do you fear, as I do, that Carl will slap the franchise tag on Shields more as a vendetta or to prove a point like he did Williams? If Carl does that, we will won't have to worry about getting a FA RB. We won't have the $$.

~~Hopes Carl isn't that stupid.

One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures.
--George W. Bush

12-28-2000, 01:58 PM
TRich is a fine back and all but truthfully can't hold a candle to Dillon. Dillon gained 1400 yards as Cincy's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd option. He had no passing game support, played from behind more than not, and was the victim of even worse coaching then the fans of KC. He maintained the same YPC as Richardson with about 200 more carries. Give me Dillon and Al Saunders as HC and I am excited about the Chiefs again.

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12-28-2000, 03:45 PM
Normally I would have those concerns about King Carl. However, I really believe that Carl knows that the fans have had it. He saw the empty seats at ARROWHEAD for the last two games and knows that he needs to get the fans excited again. What better way to do that then to sign a STUD RB? I believe this time, carl gets the RB and he does not hold Shields hostage unless he must.

IMHO, Gun is staying but your take about Al Saunders is not that far off. Al has remained close to Peterson and just might become KC's Offensive Coordinator next season. When/If Gun fails again next year to turn things around then Saunders could be named Head Coach. I'd give Gun another shot if the Stooges were fired. Hiring Al Saunders to run the Offense would be an outstanding first hire IMHO. It SHOULD have been done LAST YEAR!

12-28-2000, 04:18 PM
I don't actually think TRich is better, or even as good as Dillon.

But given the other holes we have on the team I think that TRich at 1 mil. per year is much better than Dillon at 7 mil. per year.

Give Trich 85% of the carries and he'll finish in the top 15 among NFL rushers. Quite a bargain at his price if you ask me.

12-28-2000, 04:18 PM
Getting Dillon is pretty much a mute point. The Chiefs are way over the cap the way it is now, have a terrible defense, and are set to break the bank for Elvis Grbac. If the Chiefs were a half back from challenging for the Bowl, then I would say "yes, mortgage the future and lets give it a shot". Unfortunately, they are more than just a very good running back away. Corey Dillon does not turn this 7-9 team into a 12-4 team. Sorry guys. I like Dillon, but not at the price he is demanding. Like I have said, it is my opinion that the Chiefs are closer to the bottom than they are to the top so adding to their cap only delays the inevitable: Rebuilding

Chief should start that process now by ridding themselves of cap eaters, not taking more on. Carl rolled the dice when he paid assinine money to Chester McGlockton and Dan williams. Those moves failed. Those clowns need to get off the books before he takes another risk.

Dont get me wrong. The Chiefs need a Dillon in the worst way. But because of cap mismanagement, the chiefs will have to get a running back the hard way: Draft and development.<P>

12-28-2000, 04:24 PM
A Freudian slip?

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Helvetica, verdana, ariel">quote:</font><HR>
If the Chiefs were a half back from challenging for the Bowl, then I would say "yes, mortgage the future and lets give it a shot".
- Ken Packfan

Just to clarify, did you say 'LETS'?
What exactly does that mean Ken?

Forget Dillon! Give TRich the Ball!!!

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12-28-2000, 04:57 PM
I disagree. This 7-9 team could easily have gone 11-5 and with luck - 12-4. If you add Dillon, then they probably do in spite of the worst coaching staff in the league. With Dillon, they fare far better against Tennessee, Oakland, Buffalo, San Diego and maybe even New England. There are holes to be filled for sure, but Dillon would have and could make a HUGE difference in the Chiefs season.<P>

12-28-2000, 04:58 PM

I agree 100% with your assesment of TRich. IMO, Dillon would be the biggest upgrade at a position of need for the Chiefs. I see DT, OG, and RB as needs. This assumes Grbac and Hasty return. Outside of Sapp and Randle, DT's and OG's don't affect the outcome of games and seasons as much as RB's. When you get the opportunity to get one as successful as Dillon, I wouldnt wait for the next time. This team does have many pressing needs, IMHO these other needs can be addressed in the draft and cap casuality cuts later. (it goes without saying that the coaching staff must be fired.)