View Full Version : Denver Post - Walls returning to "dark side"

Hammock Parties
09-17-2006, 02:04 AM

Lenny Walls will not be offended if trash talk falls on his ears upon his return to Denver today. Walls welcomes chatter from Broncos players such as receivers Rod Smith and Javon Walker, and the challenge they'll present.

"I hope I hear it and I hope I see it," Walls said. "If Rod and Javon tell me they are going to come after me, that's fine. I'm going to tell them to come on and bring it. I need the action. Please, come my way, Broncos."

Walls has been waiting for action and fast-talking for nearly a year. He hopes his return to Invesco Field today is an active one.

He is working as the nickel cornerback for the Chiefs and is expected to get significant playing time today. Walls was cut by Denver in November after a series of injuries. Walls, who lost his starting job to rookie Darrent Williams last season, missed significant parts of the past two seasons in Denver because of injury. While the Broncos thought Walls was immensely talented and intriguing because of his height - at 6-feet-4 he's the tallest cornerback in the NFL - injuries took a toll. He suffered ankle, shoulder and groin injuries the past two seasons. Walls was claimed by Oakland last year, but failed the physical and sat out the rest of the season while he healed.

The Chiefs - whose secondary is coached by former Broncos assistant David Gibbs - snapped up Walls during free agency.

"The biggest difference now is my health," Walls said. "I'm as healthy as I've been in a long time. It makes a huge difference."

Walls, who is close to Gibbs, said he has had a rebirth in Kansas City.

"Gibby knows my style and how I play," Walls said. "I think he's talked to the other coaches and let them know what I can do. It has helped me move up here. There's a trust factor."

Walls said he is not a bitter man and understands why Denver released him. He keeps in touch with several former teammates. He and Williams spoke last Sunday night after the Chiefs and Broncos opened the season with disappointing losses.

"I know every guy on that team well," Walls said. "I know they are hungry, but so are we. All of my new teammates have teased me this week, saying I'm going back to the dark side this week. But I like it in Denver. I can't wait to play against all those guys."