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01-02-2001, 04:37 PM
12. Kansas City Chiefs (7-9): The Chiefs have a few areas where they could go with this pick. Depending on the contract status of Will Shields, the Chiefs could take an interior lineman. However, the biggest need is a feature back to take a bulk of the carries. The Chiefs really need to break the mold on different personal groups or they will continue to be playoff observers instead of participants. That being said, look for the Chiefs to draft University of Maryland running back Lamont Jordan. At 5-11 and 215 pounds, he maybe the best combination of power and speed in this class. He makes a lot of yardage after contact displaying excellent balance and strength, which has endeared him with NFL scouts.

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Tribal Warfare
01-02-2001, 04:42 PM
Question, how is Jordan's work ethic/attitude? I love the guy,I just want to know the consensus.

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Tribal Warfare
01-02-2001, 04:45 PM
Marty, If Vermeil and Saunders come to KC will the favorite be Micheal Bennett?

01-02-2001, 05:18 PM
obvisously Jordan is my pick in NFLScoop's first-ever mock draft which comes out tomorrow to coincide with the launch of our draft scoop page (now live on the site).

I just got off the phone with a scout and Bennett might not come out this year. He is not as instinctive of a runner as you would think. Rather, he is more north and south.

The scout also told me that even tho Jordan had an off year since his entire offensive line left last year, his gravy will be made in Mobile at the Senior Bowl. He reminds scouts of Corey Dillon. I kid you not.<P>

01-02-2001, 06:28 PM
Sounds promising. Thanks for the inside scoop! Jordan is the only top notch college HB that I haven't been able to watch yet, so I can't wait to see him at the Senior Bowl. I am also a little concerned about his work ethic, as I've read he's had problems in that area.

01-02-2001, 07:01 PM
When it comes to drafting running backs, the 1st round is usually heavily influenced by the recent success or failure of the most recent season...

For example the year after Warrick Dunn had a better than expected rookie year, the Fins ran out and blew a 1st rounder on Jon Avery...After that flop everyone rushed back over to the bigger backs, while the smaller backs slipped. I think after the success of Marshall Faulk, Charlie Garner and Warrick Dunn this year and the lack of success of Ron Dayne, the draft will trend back towards the smaller runner/receiver type. Because of that I think James Jackson of Miami will be the 1st round sleeper if he puts together a good 40 time in Indy...

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01-02-2001, 07:20 PM
Hey Marty,
I think you made a mistake on the NFLScoop playoff schedule part. You have the Saints playing the Rams instead of Vikings.


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Marty McDonald
01-02-2001, 08:35 PM

Thanks dude! I forgot to fix it earlier this week.