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the Talking Can
10-01-2006, 02:20 PM
I've been very bitter about Trent's injury and Herms conservatism that cost us the win in Denver (we should be 2-1).

Today was the perfect antidote.

Huge credit to Herm and Solari for getting that kind of performance out of Huard. There is definite evidence of learning...Solari, Herm, Huard, the defense...all are adapting and improving, which is all you can really ask.

I hope this doesn't mean that Huard is due for a stinkbomb. I doubt Trent will be back soon.

Meanwhile, the defense is a joy to watch. Not having to scream about Sims and Hicks is heaven. And these guys hit hard. And Wesley is clearly better with better people around him. And DJ is pure ****ing lightning. And Hali is better than the #1 pick and has a little bit of Freeney in him, but a little more strength too.

And...and...it feels good, we deserved this.

And Albert Haynesworth stepped on the face of a Cowboys OL...his cleets on his face. Brutal.

Today is a day of celebration. Even for the face cleaters.