View Full Version : I Likey.

10-01-2006, 03:30 PM
Losing two tough games can be a real depressing way to start the season but the team seems to have a toughness that has been lacking in the past. I think this will bear itself out over the course of the season.

I'd rather worry about both offensive tackles every week than worry about whether or not our defense can hold the other team to just enough points to outscore them. I'm content to watch this team grow in real and measurable ways this season. I like the influx of younger talented guys with football character.

I like our kicking game ALOT.

On offense, our O-line will get tougher in the running game and LJ will get stronger. That is the natural progression for a running team. The performance by the WRs today really boosted my optimism for the passing game. Huard is proving to be a bona-fide backup (something nice to discover sooner rather than later). I like Croyle a lot. I think our personnel on offense dictates that a Deberg/Krieg-type gameplan may be more in order.

On defense, Hali and Allen are real bookends. The new blood at the DT position is outperforming the past performance of the old blood. Our linebacking group is awesome and our secondary is turning out to be pretty damn good. The entire defense seems much quicker and more swarming. So far, I like Edwards' defensive influence. CBs and DTs of the future are the only concern, IMO.

I really liked the methodical way in which they dominated an ascending opponent today. They played well in every aspect of the game. They played with enthusiasm and with a desire to dominate, even though they lost their first two. I really like what I'm seeing a lot.