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Hammock Parties
10-02-2006, 02:42 PM

"I don't feel like I've been in retirement at all."

"We've been doing all of the technology that's been in all of the Sega games and all of those products -- all of the playbook stuff."

In late July, Tom Walsh made sure it was clear to all.

He had a friend who wrote the coding for a video football game, on a platform whose highest-selling console debuted in 1989.

All at once, the city of Oakland breathed a sigh of relief.

Their Raiders were in good hands.

Yeah, right.

Three games into the '06 season, Walsh has shown his mastery of "all of the playbook stuff" by generating 27 points, 531 total yards and 19 sacks against. The Raiders, consequently, have dropped their first three games of the season, including a devastating 24-21 defeat on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns .

In the team's most efficient offensive outing, starting quarterback Andrew Walter completed just 9-of-23 passes for 68 yards against the injury-laden Browns' secondary, despite establishing a daunting rushing attack early. With Jerry Porter deactivated for the third straight game, Ronald Curry emerged as the team's leading receiver, with just 27 yards on three catches.

Meanwhile, on the sidelines, head coach Art Shell was emotionless as ever.

"That's who I am," Shell said prior to the game. "People have said to me, 'You don't show any emotions.' I am who I am. I can't be anybody else. I can't be yelling and screaming if I'm not that type of guy."

"I can't be looking up at the scoreboard, doodling on my clipboard and throwing a red flag simultaneously," he should have added.

Shell, with just over 11 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, failed to challenge a blatantly poor ball spot, later citing the almighty booth's failure to relay the message to him down on the sidelines. Rather than attempt a game-tying field goal or QB sneak on fourth down, LaMont Jordan was handed the ball, abruptly dropped two yards deep in the backfield by Orpheus Roye. In the subsequent drive, Cleveland would control the ball for over seven minutes.

"You know, all of this so-called bad press that you get from outside sources...it's like someone is writing a lot of fiction," Tom Walsh said three months ago.

Prove it.

10-02-2006, 02:51 PM
The Raiders deserve every bit of Tom Walsh's video game playbook/game plan.