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10-02-2006, 03:50 PM
Just a small critique if anyone's interested.

Old men or not The Stones still have it,I've been to well over 100 shows in my life and this one ranks near the top.Not only was the music and the performance great but not since seeing KISS in 1979 have I ever witnessed a theatrical show of this magnitude.

The stage was a sight to see,I found out from one of the workers that it was 84 foot high with a 60 foot video screen in the middle.I can't find the words to describe the rest of the stage but I did get a shot on the cell phone so if possible I'll post it sometime.They did have these levels though on either side of the stage the first one starting at about 30 foot high which is where the fans who bought stage seating got to stand and watch the show.

During Sympathy For The Devil huge flames shot out of the top of the stage on either side easily reaching over 100 feet into the night sky and it was instant heat on us well below on the 5th row.

There were old video clips of the Stones on the screen,numerous pyrotechnics,a large portion of the stage which moved and took the band straight out through the fans on either side all the way to the other end of the stadium,a giant inflatable logo of the lips,and even a fireworks show for the finale.

My only gripe(other than no alcohol being served at the show) was that the show with 2 encore songs topped out at 1 hour and 50 minutes but with a song selection like The Rolling Stones there's no way they can play all the greats.

They did however play one of my favs when Keith took the mic and performed Little T & A from the Tattoo You album.

Lastly,if you're in an area that they're coming to,fan or not and just want to see a great show it's well worth the price of admission.

10-03-2006, 09:46 AM
Nzoner Thanks for review. Outdoors would be very cool. Bummer no Beer.....
Totally agree any fan/non-fan if they can poney up $ it's something you will never forget.

The 1997 show at TWA Dome in STL ranks #1 with
PinkFloyd in 1987 at CheckerDome (Old Barn) in STL as top #2 best shows ever seen.