View Full Version : Shouldn't Gun be out the door b/f this stuff happens?

Mile High Mania
01-04-2001, 08:54 AM
Maybe it's just me, but shouldn't Peterson have enough class to tell Gun that he is on his way out before doing something like this?

Granted, Gunther probably needs to go, but starting off last year, he was the best person for the job and everyone was going nuts.

Based on what has happened, I would guess that he wouldn't mind going to a division rival now. :D Shanahan tried to hire Gun when he first joined Denver, maybe he'll get his chance now.

Gunther or Rhodes ... doesn't really matter to me.

Bob Dole
01-04-2001, 08:59 AM
For all we know, Peterson has told Gunther he's out.

Bob Dole hopes so, anyway. Would be crap to learn you were out by reading rumors from the national media.

01-04-2001, 09:04 AM
I concur...I hope Carl has the balls to tell Gun himself...my guess is that if he hadn't already told him there was a possibility...then he'll have to talk to him today...the news spread like wildfire...<P>

01-04-2001, 09:07 AM

If that were really true that he has told Gun, why would he not just make it official before all the speculation hits the presses?<P>

01-04-2001, 09:07 AM

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01-04-2001, 09:09 AM
maybe he is waiting to see if a compensation plan can be worked out with St. Louis.

Mile High Mania
01-04-2001, 09:12 AM
Regardless, Gunther should hold a press conference and say "Screw you guys, I'm going home."

Bottom line is that management and the fans want him out, plus he could be like Gailey and go back to being a successful coordinator.

01-04-2001, 09:14 AM
This is how Peterson does business. It shouldnt surprise anyone.

01-04-2001, 09:16 AM
My point is, it could be possible that Gunther and Carl have already worked out their seperation agreement, and part of that agreement is to pretend like he knows nothing (which he seems good at)

And Gun, being the loyal person he is, is keeping his end of the bargain. I mean, why else would the self-professed work-a-holic be at home, in bed, at 11pm.

Baby Lee
01-04-2001, 09:17 AM
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Helvetica, verdana, ariel">quote:</font><HR> plus he could be like Gailey and go back to being a successful coordinator <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
let's hope he also does like Gailey and switches conferences from his old team.

01-04-2001, 09:19 AM

There are very few people on this BB that would hate to see Gun as the Chiefs DC, but we know that will never happen. He will land on someone's staff as their DC very soon after his departure from the Chiefs, maybe even the Donks (DOH!)

Gun was simply a victim of the Peter Principle.

~A man has got to know his limitations

Bob Dole
01-04-2001, 09:24 AM
Bob Dole thinks the compensation to St. Louis should be KC sending them Gunther as their DC...

01-04-2001, 09:35 AM
i agree w/chiefsfanatic...when i read that gun was home in bed at 11pm last night, i figured gun already knew he was out...just no fanfair.