View Full Version : Spellforce 2 - Shadow Wars

Mr. Laz
10-08-2006, 01:36 PM
not a bad game

action\RPG\strategy game

inventive tasks ... multi-tasking ... some character building

your main character hops through different lands with varied companions to fight with. you fight quite a few different enemies... some are mostly magic fighters ... some brute force... often you face a pretty big numbers at once.

Enemies - Dwarves,sorceresses and mage,big trolls,mounted fire Shaman, ghost warriors that are invisible until they hit you,huge pregnant spider that when killed give birth to a dozen small ones,fire and ice elementals of various size. Flying dragons,bats,eagles.

the AI is decent ... but you can "play it" a little bit because some enemies will only chase you so far. you can divide and conquer because of that.

graphics are good ... you can play 1st person or 3rd. The 1st person graphics are outstanding. but it's very hard to manage you army in 1st person.

you must harvest iron,silver,lenya resources to build buildings and you army. limited resources make it difficult some times.

game reminds me a little bit of the game Lord of the rings: Battle for middle earth with a bit of Baldur's gate mixed in.

the biggest problem with the game is the interface

controlling the camera for the proper view can be difficult and you pretty much have to assign group numbers to all your various forces because there isn't much of a natural control to them. The basic keys aren't programmable and you don't have a "everyone move" key unless you select everyone and assign them a number.

7 out of 10 Nerd Glasses :thumb: