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Clint in Wichita
01-05-2001, 09:52 AM

"I was worried about the PR perception of Dick coaching again, back in Missouri with a state rival, when in fact he really should've been coaching for us these two years," Shaw said. "And I think Georgia concurred with that. After discussing it with her, we concluded that the best thing for us right now would be to not have the Chiefs pursue this."

"Emotionally, we'd have a hard time with him coming back and coaching anywhere - not necessarily in Missouri," Shaw said.

EMOTIONALLY?! Georgia isn't the only broad in the Rams' front office, apparently. What a bunch of whining little wussies. It's not like Dickfer Meal is going to coach St. Louis, anyway. What do they care?

I hope Peterson reams out their collective bungs on this one.

Mile High Mania
01-05-2001, 09:58 AM
I think there's a certain way of going about things like this, and Carl went outside the lines. As they said on ESPN, KC was hell bent on getting two high picks from Green Bay had they hired Marty last year - just one year after leaving KC.

Now, the shoe is on the other foot ... and Carl doesn't think the same thing should apply.

01-05-2001, 09:59 AM
I agree with you Clint...candy *** MFs...I can't wait till the League rules in our favor and we get Vermeil without comp...

Can you say new rivalry?...But hey, we probably won't play the Rams for another two years, unless it's in the SB (please God) so maybe the bad blood will be gone...

Georgia can kiss my western Missouri butt...I knew there was a reason I hated the Rams... :mad:


"The word "genius" isn't applicable in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein."
-Joe Theisman, NFL football quarterback and sports analyst

Mile High Mania
01-05-2001, 10:02 AM
You guys are weird... despite what you think about the lady. Look at the issue.

This is just about the same thing that happened with the Jets a year ago. Vermeil left with a few years remaining on his contract (like Marty did at KC), so the Rams still own his 'rights'. Marty is going to Washington and receiving compensation (same scenario with the Rams, right?)

Am I wrong here ... isn't Vermeil still technically bound to the Rams for another year, like Marty with KC??

01-05-2001, 10:02 AM
Mile High, it's one of those do as I say not as I do things...but it seems that Lamar and Carl think that the Rams aren't due any comp based on the contract...so I don't blame Carl a bit...if we can get Vermeil without giving up any comp, more power to him...

The shoe's on the other foot, doesn't mean it fits...

Clint in Wichita
01-05-2001, 10:03 AM
I'll never forget the first time I saw Georgia the Hutt. The fact that she owns a team is an absolute disgrace.

Clint in Wichita
01-05-2001, 10:04 AM
Mile High is just whining because KC is about to acquire a competent coaching staff for the first time in years.

01-05-2001, 10:04 AM

That's a question for the lawyers, isn't it?


01-05-2001, 10:05 AM
MHM, I just remember when the Rams were wanting to move to St. Louis...Georgia basically held the entire city hostage until they agreed to give her a new stadium, etc...she's a queen ***** ...just like Carl is a King Prick...all owners and GMs are bastards as business people...Georgia is no exception...being a woman has nothing to do with it.

Mile High Mania
01-05-2001, 10:06 AM
Clint, you're off on that one. I'd like nothing more than for KC to become a consistent 10 game winning team again. I hope that Denver, Oakland and KC all start kicking a$$ for years to come. It will make the teams and our division better. As long as Denver is the best, of course. :D<P>

01-05-2001, 10:09 AM
Mile High..according to what Ive read, Carl states that there was no compensation clause in Vermeil's contract with the Rams as there was with Belichek and Marty. It's not our fault that the Rams organization didnt include that in his contract. Im backing Carl on this one...

01-05-2001, 10:12 AM
Mile High..according to what Ive read, Carl states that there was no compensation clause in Vermeil's contract with the Rams as there was with Belichek and Marty. It's not our fault that the Rams organization didnt include that in his contract. Im backing Carl on this one...

Mile High Mania
01-05-2001, 10:16 AM
If that's true, then he's not at fault and the Ram's are idiots. But, I thought it was an across the board kinda thing with this type of situation.

However, I still think that Gunther was owed the right not to be treated like a dolt. If it works out, more power to ya.

01-05-2001, 10:16 AM
If Carl can pull this off with no comp. or at least less than what the Rams want, then more power to him. You always start negotiations from the lowest point and work up. Did you ever tell a car dealer what you would REALLY give for the car, the first time he asked?

I hope Carl is a jerk on this one, at least in the eyes of the Rams.

01-05-2001, 10:23 AM
MHM, If Gun really had no clue until he started reading crap on the internet, then Carl mishandled the situation...my guess is that he knew his position was tenuous at best and he knew he was fired the moment he showed up for work yesterday...he's in denial...he doesn't get it...he can't figure out what was wrong, after all we won 7 games...and besides that it was the other coaches and players fault...

I like Gun, but not as a HC...you should be happy, good chance he'll be the DC for the Broncs...everytime you play the Chiefs, he'll call blitzes on every play and eventually one of the tackles can be made out of bounds and take Carl out...

01-05-2001, 10:25 AM
Mile High-
I agree with you about Gun. He deserved to be treated better. A .500 record shouldnt get someone fired. Im not sure that I agree with giving someone just 2 years to turn a franchise around. I think that our DC and special teams coaches definately needed to go.
Are you keeping up Hogs basketball at all? I heard that Ohio State wants to interview Houston Nutt...

01-05-2001, 10:27 AM
MHM - Something else to keep in consideration is that we had Marty for 3 more years on contract when he left, so last year he would have owed us for 2 years. Now this year it was only 1 year left, so we only got 2 third round picks. Vermeil also only has 1 year left on his contract, so it is the same that maybe he is worth a couple 3rd rounders.

Throw in what Herzog said, and we possibly owe them nothing.

Mile High Mania
01-05-2001, 10:32 AM
Greg, yeah I've been keeping up with the Hogs, looks like 9-3. Go to www.dallasnews.com, (http://www.dallasnews.com,) there was an article on them in the paper today, particularly on Johnson.

I'd hate for the Razorbacks to lose Nutt, though. Damn.....

All in all, I don't care much about the Gunther/Carl/Vermeil thing. I was just wanting to get in on the conversation. http://www.chiefsplanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif