View Full Version : For movie fanatics: Hollywood Stock Exchange

10-10-2006, 07:30 PM
Sorry if a repost...

Anyone here play the Hollywood stock exchange game???


It's basically a stock exchange game, but you're buying shares of movies that arent released yet....movies have different stages (concept, production, release, etc.)...anyways...when the movie is announced as a concept, it's offered at an introductory rate (IPO)....and you can buy as much as you like (with what cash you have on hand)....you start with 2 million cash

You're betting on how much the movie will make at the box office...so, for example, The Grudge 2 is being offered at $50.00 per share...you're betting it will make more than 50 million at the box office.....of course, the price goes up and down pre-release as people sell when they think it's going to max out, etc.....Once a movie has been in release for 4 weeks, your stock is cashed out (hopefully at more than what you paid for it).

Anyways...it's free, it's a bit addictive, and a fun way to see all the movies that are coming out in the next year or so....

Movie fanatics will love it.