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10-16-2006, 07:01 PM
Ouch. The only way this game could be more one-sided is if it were played in San Diego. Our injuries are out of control – do the Chiefs have a farm team? The Chargers are the best team the Chiefs will have faced so far, and a win would redeem hope and morale. The Chiefs D will have to revert to pre-Pittsburgh form to keep them in the game, and the O will have to accept some risk and mix up the play-calling to avoid being so predictable. Some stats for your perusal:

KC Score O – 17 ppg (22) vs SD Score D – 11 ppg (3)…adv SD
KC Rush O – 92 ypg (25) vs SD Rush D – 72 ypg (3)... adv SD
KC Pass O – 190 ypg (25) vs SD Pass D – 147 ypg (2)...adv SD

SD Score O – 30 ppg (2) vs KC Score D – 19 ppg (14)...adv SD
SD Rush O – 158 ypg (2) vs KC Rush D – 129 ypg (24)...adv SD
SD Pass O – 207 ypg (14) vs KC Pass D – 166 ypg (5)…adv KC

SD – 2 INTs & 0 fumbles in 5 games (+8)
KC – 4 INT & 6 fumbles in 5 games (-2)
Advantage SD

Homefield Advantage: Chiefs

SD Key Players (against Raiduhs, Titans, Ravens, Steelers & 49ers):
QB Rivers – 1064 yds, 69% comp., 7 TDs, 2 INTs
RB Tomlinson – 407 yds, 3.7 ypc, 7 TDs
TE Gates – 255 yds, 3 TDs
WRs Parker and Floyd
LB Phillips – 25 tackles, 6 sacks, 2 FFs
LB Merriman – 19 tackles, 5.5 sacks, 1 INT
DE Castillo – 16 tackles, 4 sacks, 1 INT
Key SD injuries: ?

Chargers’ last game: Waltzed all over the pathetic 49ers; LT scored four (4) rushing TDs.

KC Key Players (against Bengals, Donks, 49ers, Cards, and Steelers):
QB Huard – 931 yds, 65% comp., 5 TDs, 1 INT
RB Johnson – 357 yds, 3.4 ypc, 3 TDs
DEs Allen & Hali
P Colquitt
Key KC injuries (besides Green): FB Cruz (knee) – O, RB Bennett (hammy) – Q, CB Sapp (knee) – O, OT Svitek (knee) - O.

Chiefs’ last game: absolute crap; completely dominated in every aspect of the game, including coaching/play-calling. Humiliated on national TV.

Colquitt must continue his consistency in order to create a long playing field for the Chargers’ O. Chiefs will need a ST/defense score. The Chargers, who already have a stifling defense, will follow the example of all Chief opponents by stacking the box to neutralize our run game. Solari HAS to mix it up, otherwise our horrid O-line = no running game = no play action = few points. Historically, the Chiefs do well at Arrowhead against the Chargers, but if I were a betting man, I’d say the Chiefs are looking at a 2-4 record after Sunday’s game.