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10-20-2006, 02:43 AM
Today I woke up at 10 oclock with the sun shining on my face. I got up checked chiefs planet and ate a sandwhich with some orange soda. Then I went back to sleep until 12:30 pm. I thought to myself what a long night of work it will be, i better get my sleep. It was a crisp October day out today. I could see my breathe as I headed to my car. I had my Notre Dame hoodie tucked under my right arm because I knew when I got off work at 11 it would be very cold. I put in my ususal 9 hour day from 2 until 11 but as ususal I had to stay late because I got stuck on a phone call. The security guard asked me "Ray you got everything?" I replied "yes sir, have a good night" as I headed to my lancer. If I was hanging out with some guys my age i would probably head to the brooksider or maybe fuel, but this like many other nights I was rolling home alone. I decided to stop by bb's lawn side and barbeque. A place I have been too many times to count because I don't feel like going straight home. The place has no air conditioning and the floors are old wood. There is about 10 people in the place and it was very smokey. This place is the Home of the three b's in kansas city. Blues. Barbueque and beer. I pulled up to the bar and asked if there was a special. 2.25 jacks the bar tender said. I said give me one and a miller lite draft. The bartender said "right on boss" I paid my money and the bar tender poured me a jack and a brew. With my stocking hat pulled well over my eyes I noticed the bartenders name was charlie. I leaned back in my stool and soaked in some authentic kansas city blues music. The kind of blues only a place like this joint could provide. I threw down a dollar tip and grabbed my stuff and headed to the door when charlie the bartender asked if i needed anything else. I said no thank you have a good one. Charlie said "until next time......have a good one!". I headed out into the cold and muttered to myself. "Have a good one indeed charlie.......have a good one.

10-20-2006, 02:52 AM
that is really funny when i'm high

Hammock Parties
10-20-2006, 07:19 AM
This dame was trouble.

10-20-2006, 08:27 AM
This thread left me wanting........

But... it's nice to know of a good blues bar.... where's BB's at?

10-20-2006, 08:36 AM
Hope this link works:

Link (http://www.yellowpages.com/sp/moreinfo/index.jsp?id=33136957&q=bb's%20lawn)

10-20-2006, 08:42 AM
Hope this link works:

Link (http://www.yellowpages.com/sp/moreinfo/index.jsp?id=33136957&q=bb's%20lawn)

Shit... I know where that's at.... not too far from my house.... this is good...

Much thanks!