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10-20-2006, 08:08 AM
Mr. Doggity's been sick this week, so the report is later than usual. You can read all the previous Doggity Reports here:

October 17, 2006
Week 6 – Chiefs at THE WORLD CHAMPIONS at Condiment Park, Pittsburgh, PA
Watched it on the big TV downstairs
Remember when I told you not to put too much stock in the shellacking of the 9ers and
the come-from-behind road win against the Cards? Nuff said. I already had a stomach flu
when I laid down on the sofa in the rec room to watch this mess. Let’s just say it
exacerbated my symptoms. So, in honor of the Chiefs’ performance on Sunday, I will
break with tradition, and mail this one in…the shortest “Doggity” ever, because spending
too much time reading about this game is not healthy.
Offense: From all appearances, Damon Huard showed up. Larry Johnson suited. Tony
Gonzales made the bus. In fact, several offensive players seemed to have made the
charter flight to Pittsburgh, and it looked like most of them showered and put uniforms
Defense: The number-four-ranked D in the league made two outstanding plays. The first
and second plays of the game. After that, I think they were far more worried about not
running up a big laundry bill, by tackling people and stuff.
Specials: Dante Hall typified the entire team’s performance. He was scheduled to go,
despite a minor hip pointer. Instead, he told Coach Herm right before the game that he
didn’t feel like he could play an entire game. Join the club Dante, nobody else did either,
The “Throw Him A Bone” goes to Dustin Colquitt, just because I had to pick someone,
and he was the only member of the team who didn’t stink out loud.
The “Doggity Dogg” award ‘winner’ is Dante Hall for his iconic performance by sitting
this one out.
The AFC West:
The Donkeys – Talk about getting the day off, they had the Raiders at home.
The Bolts – Showed a lot of grit in pulling out a win, oh wait, they played the 9ers.
The Criminals – (Like KC) They found a way to lose against the hapless Donkeys
Next up: Marty brings his Bolts back to the Head.

10-20-2006, 11:52 AM
Short sweet but truthful