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10-22-2006, 04:50 PM
Chiefs make push to be 8-8.

"Draft Picks Be damned!" maybe the calling of this years kansas city fans. With a backup running the helm the chiefs are making a strong push to be a .500 team this year and getting another middle of the road player in the draft. Today's game was a good glipse of the chiefs strenghs of weaknesses. The D still needs work, as evident as the first drive coming out of halftime from the Chargers. Of course 1/4th the the crowd didn't get to see the drive because they were waiting for backed up urninals and consessions stands. (thats due to change in 2011 thanks to the educated voters of jackson county). The chiefs fans should enjoy the play off backup play of Damon Huard who could lead the chiefs to a respectible record if the chiefs keep benifitting from phantom calls like Antonio gates dropped ball. Ty Law is showing his age once again by blowing an assignment in the second quarter on what should have been pass interference then by tackling Keenan Mcardell before Rivers had a chance to throw a dagger in the chiefs. Does 8-8 warrent a raise in playoff tickets. I say yes of course, and GOOO CHIEFS.

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