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01-08-2001, 02:23 AM
I'm a fan of my hometown (K.C.) and its football team. I have not like the Raiders for as long as I can remember, but like it or not they will be in the superbowl. I think we still made the biggest mistake by letting Gannon go. He will soon be known as a winner. That is a winner we could have had to help us in our quest for a ring. We could debate on what QB we should have let go all day, but one has a chance of making it to the SB and it is not the one we kept. Grbac passed for 4000 yards and we still didn't even make the playoffs which tells me that stats are only good for record keeping. I like E.G. but Gannon would have taken this team further and we would have made the playoffs.I have no proof of this but it is a gut feeling. I don't want to hear that we would have been worse off with Gannon because that's not true. He has proven to be a better decision maker than Grbac and he has abilities to make things happen after the play breaks down that Grbac doesn't have. He can run & escape the sack. I have also heard that the blame of our season put on everyone else but Grbac which is not fair to the rest of the team. They are all to blame. I do think the team would have responded better to a leader like Gannon. I take this time to salute the Raiders for a job well done, but don't forget to thank the Chiefs for giving you the pieces to complete you puzzle....good luck

01-08-2001, 07:27 AM
Ohsweetlordinheavensonowwe'rebacktothisagain. I cannot fathom how anyone can even imply that it's EG's fault Chester the Buffet Molester cannot stay on his side of the ball. Or how it's EG's doing that made JR unable to decide whether he wanted to run every down or pass every down. Or how EG caused Schotty to choose the wrong defensive schemes all the time. Wait! I know! EG is the one who told Gun "screw the book. We're down by two but we're bygod gonna kick the extra point." Oh wait, I also forgot that it was Elvis who ran over to Gun and whispered "the playclock is 5 seconds off what those liars in the rulebook say it is. Better call timeout."

Of course, it IS true that EG is responsible for RBBC. I mean, he's the one who told Gun "we're gonna make Cloud the starting tailback until the day before the game. Then we're gonna surprise them and pull the old switcharoo! They'll NEVER expect to see Richardson carry the ball!"

Hmmm. It doesn't seem that EG did a good job keeping Bennet off the field, either. I mean, even though Bennet was averaging LESS THAN TWO YARDS PER CARRY, Elvis did go ahead and decide to keep putting him in the game. I just don't understand Elvis' decisionmaking.

*sigh* You're right, it IS all his fault. And to top it all off, he has NEVER won a playoff game. What a loser. We should cut him and get Cade McNown in here immediately.

Mile High Mania
01-08-2001, 07:57 AM
Some of you guys amaze me... what does Grbac have to do in order to get any respect? Do you not realize that Gannon had a RUSHING game in Oakland and a pretty good defense? Plus, look at his stats in the win over Miami... I don't think Gannon was the MVP of that game. It was the rushing game and Tory James (former Bronco... dangit).

Grbac had neither of those in KC this year. Geeez....
Pick a good running back and make him your #1 guy, get the defense/special teams up to speed and a coach that knows how to coach and you will have the team you desire.

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01-08-2001, 08:07 AM
I donít suppose the fact that the Raiders have a competent coaching staff, the leagues best rushing game, and an adequate defense had anything to do with it? Nope, it was all St. Gannon. He is the sole reason the Raiders have a shot to make the Super Bowl and the Chiefs are sitting home for the playoffs for the 3rd consecutive year.

01-08-2001, 08:14 AM
If anyone remembers last year, EG was supposedly put on a leash in the Baltimore game after attempting only 16 passes.

Saturday, Gannon attempted only 18 passes. It's quite humorous to read how Gannon's 18 attempts equate to 'leading a team to a ring' and EG's 16 attempts in the Baltimore game we're because the coaching staff put a leash on EG.

But I digress...there are two reasons that Gannon is successful with the Raiders (let's not forget that the saviour was .500 as a starter in KC) and those two reasons are Wheatley and Brown. The Safeties have to respect the pass and the LB's have to respect the run enough that Gannon can scramble. One cannont point to an equivalent to Wheatley and Brown on KC's team.

01-08-2001, 08:47 AM
Titus - That was what I was thinking watching the game, the Raider O's running game just walked all over Miami, Gannon only had one good pass the entire game and that was the TD pass where he actually had to put a little on it.

I said after the game that the fact that they pulled Gannon out in the 4th and where still able to run the ball down the field pretty easily just proved how little it mattered that he was even there.

01-08-2001, 09:07 AM
LOL Yosef...Buffet molester.


01-08-2001, 03:48 PM
O.K. fellas I opologize for blaming Elvis for any of this. None of this was not even close to being his fault. We need to save our team and cut everyone except Grbac. I don't know what in the world i was thinking. Gannon is a loser and will never lead a team anywhere. Now for Grbac he is a Superbowl calibre QB who will lead us to the promise land next year and if he doesn't it will not be any of his fault.
If we get Superback to run the ball for 200 yards a game and we still do not win we can blame the Owner, O-line, defense, CP, Special Teams, and superback for not running it 201 yards as long as we don't put any of the blame on EG. In my original post Im not saying that EG is the total problem but he must accept his role in some losses we had and the die hard supporters need to stop finding excuses for him and admit he could use some work in certain areas of his game. Now as for Gannon he will be in the superbowl and Grbac will be at home. Now if I can remember the season correctly our D paly horribly in some games but they also play good enough for us to win some but our qb threw it to the wrong people. That wasn't his fault the defense shouldn't have been in his receivers way.......never blame E.G for anything.

01-08-2001, 03:57 PM
"promised land" NOT "promise land" WTF is a "promise land"? a place where all "you're" dreams come true?

"you're" is the contraction of "you are"
"your" is the possesive form of "you"
"they're" is the contraction of "they are"
"their" isthe possesive form of "they"

"ain't" is not a word!!!!

teams "lose" games... they don't "loose" games!!!

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01-08-2001, 04:20 PM
Bedrock - You are correct. Gannon is God, we should ignore the fact that his D scores points and that his special teams return well, block punts and field goals. It is just him out there and nobody else. I'm sure he would have the same success with Bennett on the field as he does with Wheatly, it makes sense to me. That Tim brown guy out there is nothing but a big flop and isn't good enough to play on any other teams, and Gannons running backs and full backs taking a 3 yard pass 12 yards and 20 yards and the such is no reflection on the fact that it was only a 3 yard pass. I'm sure that his overuse of the short guy is not a reflection on his ability to thread a long ball or his fear to let the playmakers make plays or even him questioning his own arm. Plus I doubt that the use of the dink and dunk offense has nothing to do with his coach realizing what he is best at, since we all know Al Davis does not like the long ball.

Gee, maybe he really does throw the ball as well as catch it, I mean he is that good and only throwing the ball 5 yards he could probably get to it.

Drawing pictures.

01-08-2001, 05:23 PM
Still unsure how dominant Ravens defense will prove to be vs. RAIDERS and I believe RAIDERS have equal chances for victory...

It is good you chiefs fans talk about the RAIDERS... I like the idea of RAIDERS in Super Bowl.

01-08-2001, 05:26 PM
Did anybody see that 74 yard bomb Culpepper threw to Moss yesterday?.....

Wait that was a 1 yard pass and 73 yard run.... It should count for less.

01-09-2001, 07:03 AM
Bedrock- I've said this many times before. If every man on this team had done their jobs as well as EG did his, we'd still be in the playoffs on the way to a comfortable SB win. Yes, EG made mistakes. Everyone does. HOWEVER, the mistakes were FAR outweighed by the good plays he made. He pretty much carried this team. He had no running game, and a laughable defense. If it weren't for EG we'd be picking a lot earlier than 12 next year.

According to nfl.com (http://stats1.nfl.com/stats/nfl_stats.asp?stats=1&prevStats=1&conf=0&week=16&sort=desc&sortCol=6), EG was 4th in the league in touchdowns (he had 27. Culpepper had 32, Garcia had 30, and Manning had 29.) and had the 7th highest rating. Gannon ranked 5th and 8th, respectively. So, it looks to me like Elvis is the better QB.

You will no doubt repeat your mantra "but GANNON is going to be in the SB. Elvis won't!" Sure, (although I don't see the Raiders getting past the Ravens, but I'll concede that point), ok, but remember: GANNON has real RB's, a real coaching staff, and a defense that at least bothers to suit up every now and then. I won't even go into the difference between special teams. I think that if Gannon had been in KC this year we'd be 5-11. Maybe worse.

Something to note: The gap between Culpepper's 32 TDs and EG's 27 is 5. The gap between EG and RG is 4. So before you start saying "well, Gannon is just BARELY behind Elvis" think that if Elvis had just 4 more TDs he'd be ranked #2. 4 TDs is a significant difference.

01-09-2001, 10:05 AM
JQ - Plays like that reflect on the WR more then they do the QB, I know that you don't think that the QB really deserves the credit on a 1 yard pass where the player breaks a couple tackles and out runs everyone down the sideline. Heck if that is true we would give QB's credit for what his RB does because he is the one who hands him the ball.

Things YAC should become an official stat, it is very telling.