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10-24-2006, 06:12 PM
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October 23, 2006
Week 7: Chiefs vs The Dark Blue Bolts at The Head
Watched it on the big TV downstairs, with my right leg propped up and iced
Sometimes the Doggity is a painful grind (last week for instance), and sometimes it's hard to find anything snarky to say (like the 49er game), and then there was this week. Plenty of good stuff and plenty of opportunities for improvement to talk about.

A win against at high-quality, division opponent is ALWAYS a good thing. San Diego is probably the best all-around team in the AFC. Certainly they rank in the top two or three. But there is no way you should give up a huge lead at home and then make your kicker win it with a 50+ yarder in the final 10 seconds. It's especially risky when the guy has already shanked a field goal attempt and doinked a PAT off the upright that afternoon.

Oh well, in the end, it counts for more than the blow-out of San Fran.

Offense: I gotta hand it to Solari. Even though the guys didn't always execute well, the play mix was pretty solid. Oh, except that stupid reverse, whoopty-do thing. What is that? It never worked when it was in Al Saunders playbook, and they had a pro-bowl tackle to run it around. Burn that page.

I like that they un-cuffed Damon on a few. He did not
disappoint. He may not be Trent Green, but he's a better passer than half the starters in the NFL including the league's highest paid player, Mike Vick. LJ was back to normal. He ran through tackles like Condi at a shoe sale. His TD run was SportsCenter stuff. They said they wanted to get Gonzo in on more action. They did. He was a monster, putting up over a hun for the first time in recent memory. When your back up QB is in, Tony should be the hot read on every passing down. I like Kris Wilson as the H-back, but unless he learns to block a blitzing linebacker, you may want to call your fantasy league
about the availability of Brodie Croyle. Especially when Wilson's standing in the middle of the road on the Jordan "Diamond Lane" Black expressway.

Defense: They were wearing young Phillip Rivers' jockey shorts most of the afternoon. But he certainly made them pay for it a few times. That said they did what they had to do force the kid to make quick decisions and steal the football. The Chargers had more turnovers in the first quarter than they'd had all season. With all the hype around Tamba Hali this year, you can forget that Jared "Subway" Allen is playing pro-bowl caliber football. I don't know if the rest of the world knows him well enough to send him to Honolulu, but it won't be because he didn't earn it. Also, Greg Wesley finally looks like the guy they told us he was when they drafted him. A Ronnie Lott style headhunter.
Surprisingly, our all-world-and-then-some corners have been getting burned badly a few times every week.

Specials: Funny that special teams won the game. Particularly since they played so poorly for the first 59 minutes and 50 seconds. The kick offs dropped on the 15. The punts often out-kicked the coverage. The coverage was so porous that it wouldn't have mattered. There were the afore-mentioned missed kicks for points. And Dante looked like a deer in
the headlights. But hey, they made the points when it mattered.

The "Throw Him A Bone" could go to any number of worthy candidates: Jared Allen, Tamba Hali, LJ, Huard - but due to his break out game of this campaign, it goes to Tony Gonzalez. Now watch him slam dunk the bone over the cross-bar.

The "Doggity Dogg" award "winner" for the second straight week is Dante Hall. Also the recipient of the AFC's "Leonard Pinth Garnell Special Teams Award". That wasn't so good now, was it? For what it's worth, had Tynes missed that final kick, he would have won.

The AFC West:
The Donkeys - Rolled over another patsy. Do they play ANYBODY this year?
The Bolts - Grounded by the Chiefs
The Criminals - Woo Hoo! They beat Arizona. That should make them feel better.

Next up: The reigning NFC Champ Seahags, sans their two best players, come to the Head. The last time Seneca Wallace led an offense at Arrowhead, he was a Cyclone.

beer bacon
10-24-2006, 08:25 PM
Denver finally gets to play a real opponent, Indianapolis, next Sunday. On top of that, their starting LT Matt Lepsis is out for the season with an injury, and some nobody is going to be trying to block Freeney. It should be exciting to see if the Broncos' offense can do the impossible and actually put up negative points.

10-24-2006, 08:53 PM
As usual, good read.