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10-27-2006, 04:46 AM
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Q&A with HERM EDWARDS - 10/26 (http://kcchiefs.com/news/2006/10/26/qa_with_herm_edwards__1026/)

Q: How’s Kris Wilson doing?

HERM EDWARDS: “He’s doing good. I mean, you’re talking about a guy who all of a sudden is put in there at the fullback position. He’s a lot better this week than he was last week obviously. He’s a guy you can do a lot of things with. He can present some problems for you defensively because he’s a very good pass catcher and has speed.

“But I like what he’s doing blocking right now. He’s doing a great job in the blocking game for Larry (Johnson).”

Q: How much did he actually do in training camp at fullback?

EDWARDS: “He did some. I mean, he didn’t do the hard hitting part of it. We put him in there in spots just to let him know what it felt like. Now, he’s the guy. He’s excited about the opportunity to start and play a lot. It helps you in that he’s in the game now and we don’t have to worry about getting him in the game.”

Q: You signed Chris Terry yesterday, another tackle, and now you’re overloaded like it’s training camp. Are you looking down the road because he hasn’t played in two years and been in some trouble? What about Kyle Turley, who hasn’t played in two weeks and what’s his status as well?

EDWARDS: “It’s the status of both of them. They’re both healthy but it’s how they come along to determine what we’re going to do with them. Do we want to inject them in the lineup or we don’t. Right now, that’s something we’re going day by day and practice by practice.

“Chris is way behind. He hasn’t played a lot. He’s a pretty good player and was pretty good in practice today. Now, he doesn’t know our offense but then again he does. The terminology is a little bit different than it was in Seattle but it’s the same plays.

“Can there be a change? Maybe. But right now we’re sticking with the two guys we have and they’re doing a solid job for us. We’ll continue to practice them.”

Q: How comfortable is Welbourn and is he again practicing on the left side?

EDWARDS: “Yeah, but he’s had only two days of practice and is another guy who missed all of training camp. He’s done pretty good. Both those guys are really on the scout team right now. He’s doing OK over there.”

Q: Does that signal that you’re more comfortable with Black and Sampson right now?

EDWARDS: “Right now they’re the starters. They’ve played the most. To me, you’ve got to see – and it’s hard to do this because we’re not in competition – and that makes it hard to judge. They’re competing in practice and that’s not games. So, we’re just bringing these guys along and Sampson and Black are our starting tackles.”

Q: Terry was a high draft pick and had some issues and you talk about playing under the shield of the National Football League and he’s violated some of its rules. He was out of football all last year. Did you talk to him before hand and are you comfortable he’s past all that?

EDWARDS: “If not, he wouldn’t be here. We do a good background check and we find out the whole story. We don’t get it in halves; we’re privy to the whole story because we actually get to talk to the player when a lot of times you hear these stories and accusations it gets told two and three times and people add things to the story. It becomes lopsided on one side or the other.

“So, I think you have to sit down with the individual and find out all the background and feel comfortable. We felt comfortable and right now he’s a part of this football team.”

Q: He clearly had some issues with this past….

EDWARDS: “I had some issues with my past. I went to Cal-Berkeley and had some big issues.”

Q: It would seem to me that he would be a guy that you’d like to make a difference with.

EDWARDS: “That’s a little bit part of your job as a head coach. I think a lot of coaches understand that they’re not only coaching Xs and Os but you’re trying to make young men better men. You have to create that atmosphere but, again, you as a head coach have to live your life that way, too. You just can’t talk about it. You have to be about it. If you create that on your team it’s much easier to deal with guys who have struggled with certain parts of their life. They have great sounding boards in your locker room.”

Q: Who’s Seneca Wallace like in the NFL?

EDWARDS: “I don’t know if it’s a fair comparison. He’s Seneca Wallace. He is who he is. I think he’s a very talented player who I think knows their offense well. He’s got a quick release. He understands where the ball should go and doesn’t really force a lot of passes. He’s good with his feet and a good athlete.

“He’s their second (QB) and if Mike Holmgren keeps you as his second quarterback – and he’s been around a lot of good quarterbacks – he likes this player. He knows the system and he’ll have an opportunity.”

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football threads get a bump

siberian khatru
10-27-2006, 01:59 PM
Q: How is Damon Huard? Will he start Sunday?

A: Who?

Q: Huard, the quarterback.

A: I have no idea what you're talking about. Brodie Croyle will continue to be our starter, just like since Week 2.

Q: B-b-but, Huard's won three games, he's been starting every game --

A: Security, please remove this person.

[cue Twilight Zone theme]

10-27-2006, 02:03 PM
I think I heard all of this on 610am on my way home from work yesterday. I would like to hear about what's going on with Croyle.

10-27-2006, 02:04 PM
He is who he is? Nice answer shortbus.