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10-27-2006, 01:03 PM
Via NeoGAF:

Scans from a Swedish game magazine's feature on H3's multiplayer. None of these screens are from the single player.

Yousendit link to pictures:


Legendary Edition

The CE will be called “Legendary Edition” and is a replica of Master Chief’s helmet complete with four DVD discs. The first disc will be the game disc, the second will contain documentaries and developer comments, the third disc is all about the spin-off material that has been created (Red vs. Blue, Spark of Life etc) and the last disc will contain all of the cut scenes from Halo 1 to 3 in HD. (you can see it on the 3rd photo)

Translated by Hyoushi
On plot twists
"Halo 3 will contain more plot twists than any other game in the series" --Jaime Griesemer

On Gears of War being competition
"We've played lots and lots of multiplayer and some singleplayer, and yeah, it's really good. But it's also quite a bit different from what we're doing. I realize that a lot of people are concerned that Halo 3 and GoW are going to compete for the same audience, but I think that when people get to play, they'll realize how different the games are. Gears is a much slower game where stragegy and cover plays a bigger part." --Jaime Griesemer

On graphics
"A lot is still missing in this build. Weather- and water effects are missing, and most of our HDR isn't in there yet. We're still at alpha stage, but when everything is in place, Halo 3 will be the best X360 has to offer." --Brian Jarrard

"We definitely have another strategy than Epic Games when it comes to graphics. We'll never engulf our game environments in lots of details like that. GoW looks absolutely fantastic, but we want to avoid compromising Halo's unique visual style. That's why we're making a clean, sharp game as opposed to one with insane amount of details." --Brian Jarrard

"There are many ways to convey emotion. Graphics is not the most important one." --Brian Jarrard

On multiplayer and bots
"Multiplayer has always been important, but it's developed in a different way which makes it look bigger for every game. We have a base that we always build the MP part on, whereas the SP mode practically has to be built ground-up every time. Xbox Live also made MP in Halo 2 even more important." --Brian Jarrard

"A lot of people ask us about bots. They think that the AI in Halo was pretty damn good, and would work well in MP as well, but it's really not that simple. The enemies in Halo are optimized for encountering the player in large numbers. They would be a lot worse at abstract thought AI like 'I have to defend my flag' and so forth. In short, to create bots for Halo would be an immense undertaking, and we rather put that time into making new levels, weapons and netcode." --Jaime Griesemer

There's apparantly some new kind of covenenant technology in the game, an energy barrier of some kind that lets players move through it freely but stops bullets and grenades.

New Weapons:
*Spiker: the weapon of choice for brutes.
*Spartan Laser: An anti-veichle weapon, fires a red laser that pretty much destroys any veichle that is hit.

New Vehicle:
*Moongoose: The ATV that was supposed to be in Halo 2. It carries 2 people and it doesn't have any weapons so it's mainly a means of getting from point A to point B as fast as possible."

from gamefaqs
Swedish magazine level has had the chance to play halo 3 in multiplayer and there are 3 levels which is revealed,
Valhalla = blood gulch, High Ground = Zanzibar, Snowbound = Frost bite.

New vehicle - Mongoose, mostly for transport 2 persons.

new weapon- spartan laser, hard to use but extremely powerful vehicle destroyer apparently

- nail grenade, sticks on walls and emits nails into the air.

new weapon - spiker (brute weapon),

your secondary weapon is visible at all times at your back. (THANK GOD!!!)

New transportation system in multilayer- man cannon, launches you into the air through air streams, you can still be fired at and you can fire back.

The X-button will have a special use which Bungie will not reveal.

No bots will come to H3. that will be all.

Bumper buttons can be used to reload both weapons independantly.

What if you could save your own movies from Halo 3's single and multiplayer gameplay and then rewatch them? In Halo 3, you can.


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Doesn't look like much of a step up from Halo 2 graphically. Hopefully the mp gameplay is improved to Battlefield (PC), standards.

10-28-2006, 02:14 AM
Actually it looks like the original screens of Halo for PC back when it was suppose to be just for PC before MS bought it...

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