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10-27-2006, 01:08 PM
Damon Huard, longtime QB journeyman in the NFL, died today at 11:23 A.M. He had been suffering from a condition known as footballus writerus pretendae for the past week and had surgery last Thursday to remove a 195 pound tumor. Upon further inspection it was found that the entire tumor had not been removed.

An additional 35 pounds of tumor were removed posthumously and when put together with the original removed pieces it turns out that the tumor was actually Michael Irvin. Strangely enough, a piece of paper was recovered from Irvin's body in which he had written that Huard had simply quit and none of his team mates respected him. An equally illogical comment was made by Irving about N.Y. Giants running back Tiki Barber. At the end of the note there was a postscript that read "Much love to T.O". The doctors were unsure what to make of the note but were glad that Irving would no longer be around to provide football commentary.

Fellow commentator Shannon Sharpe was asked for a comment, but no one could understand what he said... or cared for that matter.

Damon Huard - dead at 33.

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http://www.huardplanet.com (http://www.chiefsplanet.com)

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Huard threads get a bump.

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ROFL :clap:

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Even if Huard is dead-he is still better than Sennneca.

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How cute, so wity!