View Full Version : March Madness 2006

10-30-2006, 11:55 AM
Ok, I just bought this game a week ago at Gamestop. I only paid $12 for it. So, I don't feel I got ripped or anything. However, I was going along just fine and learning while adjusting the settings to make it feel more realistic. It is the PS2 version, btw.

So, my nephew comes over and plays me a few times. He hasn't played the game in months but he used to own it. He can't seem to miss a 3 pointer. So I upped the settings. He still can't seem to miss. I upped the settings to the highest level. I didn't adjust the sliders, though.

WTF? Why is it that humans can pretty much make shots (guarded or not) if they know how to release the shot at the right time? And half the time, the perimeter defender wouldn't go out on the outside shooter anyways.

What are your thoughts? Is this game just crappy? Or am I not doing something right (settings or gameplay)?

I have March Madness 2003 and can hang with him on that game. Just seems that the defense actually plays in that game. Actually, I usually beat him on that game. Perhaps I should get rid of MM06 and get College Hoops 06?

10-30-2006, 12:00 PM
I played a little MM before I finally went with College Hoops 2K6. Much better game.