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11-03-2006, 02:54 PM
HERM EDWARDS: “Trent Green is still not ready to play. I say that, but then I say that he’s going to be our third quarterback. So, we’ll list him as the third quarterback going into the game Sunday.”

Q: What does that mean when you say he’s going to be listed as the third quarterback? Is he going to dress?

EDWARDS: “Absolutely.”

Q: What conditions would you put him in the game if he’s going to be active?

EDWARDS: “Dire, dire, dire, dire conditions.”

Q: You’d be ahead by 200 points….

EDWARDS: “Still probably wouldn’t go in. No.”

Q: Why are you doing this?

EDWARDS: “To get him acclimated going out in the warmups with the team.”

Q: But he hasn’t been cleared to do any team stuff, how can he be….

EDWARDS: “I can make him the third quarterback. It’s OK. I can do whatever I want.

Q: So, you’re just weaning him back?

EDWARDS: “Yeah, to bring him back.”

Q: I’ve never understood the third quarterback rule.

EDWARDS: “All it basically is: you really can’t put him in the game until the fourth quarter. If you put him in the game before that the quarterbacks that have left the game can not come back. It’s kind of a way of really getting another guy on the active roster but is not a position player.”

Q: Is this a good sign in the process that this is the next step?

EDWARDS: “Yes, exactly.”

Q: Does he seem pretty excited about this?

EDWARDS: “Yeah, I think so. He wants to get acclimated to what is going to happen, rather than coming out of the locker room and standing next to me. Now, he can put his uniform on and do some things in the warmups, which I think is important. Then we’ll go from there.”

Q: If he does get in the game…..

EDWARDS: “There’s no way. No way. No.”

Q: But you said if there’s a dire, dire, dire…

EDWARDS: “Dee Brown would be in there before him.”

Q: Kevin Sampson’s health?

EDWARDS: “He’s done some stuff individual-wise but he hasn’t really participated in practice.”

Q: This was going to be your sixth straight game with your same offensive line.

EDWARDS: “You’re right. I thought we’d jelled keeping the same guys but if he can’t go Turley will have to start.”

Q: Was that the key factor to the jelling – that these five guys got to work together?

EDWARDS: “I think so - with that and Larry feeling more comfortable with the reads of how they’re blocking things. I thought them getting together in the film studies – the running backs and the offensive line together - helped them to see things the same way. I think guys being together helps you.”

Q: Looking ahead to next week and the fact you’ve made Green your third quarterback, does this mean he’s getting ready to play?

EDWARDS: “Well, we’re going through the procedure. He obviously has to be cleared, but I think it’s just a good process to put him in.

“You can do a couple things. Last week he went to the game but he was down. When you have a third quarterback you make him your eighth guy but you only have to put down seven on the inactive list.”

Q: Assuming he gets that OK from the doctors Monday or Tuesday, is he your starting quarterback next week?

EDWARDS: “I have to watch him go through practice. I don’t know how I’m going to orchestrate that yet. But eventually when I feel he can take all the snaps and play a whole game…. In the pre-season you play a little bit and exercise yourself into getting ready for a whole game. But he hasn’t played in a game in six or seven weeks. Just to get in shape to play a whole game – to play quarterback – is a process.”

Q: Is Miami realistic though?

EDWARDS: “Oh, I don’t know that. I don’t know what game is realistic until the doctors tell me. I’m not putting a date on any game.”

Q: If Kevin Sampson doesn’t play, would you activate John Welbourn?

EDWARDS: “That would probably be the next move, yes. He’d be the rotating guy.”

Q: He’d be in uniform?

EDWARDS: “Absolutely because you’re going to take seven offensive linemen.”

Q: Can you just give us the dime tour of where your defense is going into halfway mark of the season?

EDWARDS: “The thing that stands out in my mind right now over the last couple weeks is they’ve played pretty well in the two-minute situation. When they had to stop people they did.

“I think at times we haven’t played smart. We’ve given up some big plays. I think at times our rush hasn’t been as consistent as you’d like. A little of that has to do with the way they’re blocking us with seven-man protection. For the most part, they’ve tackled pretty consistently. They’ve had a game or two where it hasn’t been real good, but for the most part they’ve tackled pretty good. So, I still think it’s a work in progress.

“We haven’t taken the ball away as much as I’d like at this point. So that’s something I talked to them about to get the short field for our offense.

Q: It looks like steps are being taken but they’re dropping balls and interceptions. Is that a fair assumption?

Q: “I think they’re gaining confidence as they go. I just think they have to continue to improve as we go – especially now when we go into November. You have to start getting better and I think we have gotten better since the bye. We didn’t win every game after the bye and had our hiccup in Pittsburgh.

“But I think we have to continue to improve and there are nine games left. Our offense, I think, is a lot better than it was the first two games of the season. I think they’ve vastly improved and a lot of that has to do with Mike (Solari) feeling more comfortable with his players and how he’s going to orchestrate certain games. I think he’s improved very well and has only called seven games. As the season goes on he’s going to feel more comfortable.”

Q: What’s the identity of this team?

EDWARDS: “I think they’re starting to understand to win in this league you have to play smart. I think they understand that, as I see it, we’re starting to become a physical team and that’s good.

“It all works in cohesion and that’s how they see us heading and how you win in the league. What helps you is when you win because you have a certain philosophy in how you do things. If we continue to do that then we’ll know – this is our identity.

“I think we use our speed; we run to the ball fairly well. Offensively, I think we have some power. I think we can play physical with our offensive line and we’ve got a very physical running back. And, we have the ability to attack you in the passing game, too, by what we do in our passing game.

“You have to hit people. Our guys know that. That’s what wins. You can’t be afraid of contact. That’s what I expect. It really wins in the later months and after this game we don’t play any more dome games. They’re all outside. So, the weather changes and if you’re not a physically tough football team it’s tough to play in certain elements – especially outside as it gets colder and players are banged up.”

11-03-2006, 02:58 PM
Who admitted to not understanding the 3rd QB rule?

Elizabeth Merrill

Chief Chief
11-03-2006, 03:09 PM
Dee Brown in at QB...now THAT would be the most severe definition of "dire" right there...

11-03-2006, 03:15 PM
Who admitted to not understanding the 3rd QB rule?

Elizabeth Merrill

I'm sure glad we have a woman football reporter!!!

Easy 6
11-03-2006, 03:26 PM
I think Turley will look better at RT than left, hope he can hold up. Despite being more limited than he was in the day, I love a bad tude on my O lines. A good ol' fashioned mean spirit can go a long way IMO.

11-03-2006, 03:29 PM
TBH, I didnt know that about the 3rd QB rule.

11-03-2006, 03:39 PM
Who admitted to not understanding the 3rd QB rule?

Elizabeth Merrill

That won't stop her from writing some stoopid article about it-she always talks our her ass.

11-03-2006, 03:51 PM
Who woulda thunk Sampson would be hurt again?

Easy 6
11-03-2006, 04:01 PM
Who woulda thunk Sampson would be hurt again?
Yep, i've had just about enough of his shtick. Seems like EVERY injury is one that sidelines him, the CHIEFS have a very proud tradition of tough O line play and he's doing nada to help it. I forget exactly how it goes but theres a saying "there are INJURIES and there is PAIN"...Kevin needs to learn the diff IMO.