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11-03-2006, 10:56 PM
A Drummers tragic but true story.

Iím still in shock. :eek:

See I had the afternoon off, as the customer I just did a reno for pay me
BEFORE 4:30 pm on a Friday.

So, with a job that paid 3 times what it was worth (I couldnít really handel it , so I priced it to LOSE the job, and ended up with it anyway???) In my pocket I ran a few erands.
I decided to spoil myself a bit.
I was looking at adding a new 20 ride cymbal to my set up.
I really wanted a Zildjian K ,
but allas even though I had a temporary wind fall, I do have to finish the babyís room, so I had to set my sights a bit lower.

I tried a few others and nothing really caught my attention. I guess I had my hart set on something, so thatís what I wanted.
Anyway, my buddy who works at the store says "listen, let me try a few more ofr ya, but promise NOT to look at them. (Meaning stand back on and listen.)
So he pulls out a Paiste, a few other Zildjianís, Istabulís, ALL of which I said "NO. I play Zildjianís PERIOD!"
Yes Mike Pertnoy and Neil Pert Godís giftís to drumming) play Sabianís, My two favorite drummers Tommy Lee and Matt Sorum, both play Zildjianís, so fair is fair right?, (Oh by the way Iím stoned so there may be a bit of rambling in this post. You know how I can get on sometimes. :D )

Anyway, he talks me into playing a smooth 4/4 time beat, wearing sunglasses so black I could hardly see the kit, following another buddy of mine who manages the guitar counter, after he set up a few Rides.
Out of the 3 he set up I liked #2.
He kept it, changed the other 2, mixing them up.
This time I liked #3 (formerly #2)
One last time, AGAIN I nailed the same ride.

A Sabian, A ****ING SABIAN,
I nearly cried :deevee:

If I wasnít so worried about losing itís sweet overtone ring up by the bell, Iíd polish the name off it and maybe not cringe every time I hit it..

Tonight for the first time in my life I brought home a Sabian cymbal
a 20" AAX Stage Ride.

I take solace in the fact Tommy is a convert to Zildjian, he did in fact start his career with Sabianís.
Basically the same thing anyway, their both brothers who split in the 70's.
Although Zildjians sound better :thumb: (over all , yeah thatís it!)

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Eh, even crap companies sometimes end up with a pretty good product.

Archie F. Swin
11-04-2006, 12:19 AM
Sabian makes great Rides and hats. I have a 21" Heavy ride I will never part with

11-04-2006, 05:50 AM
Sabian makes great Rides and hats. I have a 21" Heavy ride I will never part with
I will say bang for the buck, you can't beat Sabian's prices. Any one can afford them. And their box set's are wicked for entry level students as well.