View Full Version : Wilkerson Maybe moving down to DT?

11-15-2006, 12:51 AM
fter hours and hours of breaking down the game film from the chiefs
one player stood out.. I noticed Wilkerson was one of the view people
playing well. With a cover 2 needing someone to penitrate and reek
some havoc Iam thinking the possibility maybe for wilkerson to slide down to RDT.
Wilkerson could be a valuable atleast to keep around and very good at adding more depthHe was using his hims nicely to get under blockers and got in miami's backfield a couple times. One thing I did notice about the game isabout 60 percent of miami's running plays the OL just hit the D-line of thechiefs and pushed them back. When you are hitting the sled you want one big(BOOM!) if you rewind the tape or tivo it back and crank up the volume theMiami line was really hitting the chiefs d at the same time. Now most ofthe times the Dolphins didn't get a huge gain out of it because the chiefsdid a good job filling gaps. We really have needs in many area's it is really depressing, but I am trying to enjoy the ride! chiefs and chopper!

Hammock Parties
11-15-2006, 12:52 AM
Step away from the crack pipe.