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Chiefs Pantalones
12-10-2006, 03:43 AM
KCís defense has to earn back trust


The Kansas City Chiefs defense is on trial today like a repentant, cheating spouse out with the wifey on the Plaza for the first time since the second cell phone was discovered.

Yeah, here goes another relationship analogy. Sue me.

Today against Steve McNair and the Baltimore Ravens, Jared Allen, Ty Law, Kawika Mitchell, Patrick Surtain and Tamba Hali are going to have to walk a tightrope.

They canít make eye contact with the waitress. They better not leave too big of a tip. And if Trent Green, Larry Johnson, Will Shields, Tony Gonzalez and Brian Waters decide they want to get a little sloppy, let their hair down and flirt with losing to Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, KCís defensive boys must act like they donít even notice.

Yeah, Gunther Cunninghamís men destroyed the trust last weekend in Cleveland. And, man, you have to eat a lot of (manure) to get the trust back once you lose it.

The Chiefsí embarrassing loss in Cleveland was far different from the bewildering defeat in Pittsburgh.

The Pittsburgh Passion Party Perdition (utter destruction or ruin, and, yes, I had to dig deep in the thesaurus for that p-word) was like one of those what-happens-in-Vegas-stays-in-Vegas weekends.

Both units, offense and defense, agreed not to ask or answer any questions about their activities in Pittsburgh. They came home, washed up, kissed the kids and pretended like the 45-7 fiasco never happened.

The 31-28 loss in Cleveland was totally different. Green and the offense were on their best behavior of the season, scoring 28 points and jumping to a 28-14 lead. Cleveland had to play the second half with an inexperienced quarterback. The Bengals had just shut out the Browns.

And, finally, on Thursday when the Cleveland Collapse was just beginning to leave the minds of Kansas Cityís coaching staff and offensive players, the Steelers undressed the Cleveland offense on the NFL Network, rekindling memories of just how pathetic KCís defenders played.

Honest to goodness, all joking aside, trust is crucial on a football team.

Dick Vermeil never trusted this defense, and that lack of trust impacted the way he coached. He instructed Al Saunders and Trent Green to keep the pedal to the metal at all times. Over the course of his first five years in KC, Green forced several bad throws at critical times because of his lack of trust in KCís defense.

Herm Edwards will never coach the way Vermeil coached. But he could lose faith in this defense and alter his thinking. Statistically Kansas Cityís defense has improved under Edwards. The 32 Defense has been transformed into a middle-of-the-pack defense.

Cleveland made the statistical improvement feel like smoke and mirrors. You have to wonder if this defense can be counted on to get the critical stop. Weíre not talking about dominance. No one expects this unit to play like the Bears or even the Ravens.

Edwards just needs to believe KCís defense can get the ďhold,Ē not the ďsave.Ē

If he doesnít have that trust, heís going to have to coach differently when the Chiefs get to San Diego next Sunday with their season on the line. Heíll have to prepare to win a shootout.

Today shouldnít be a shootout. The Ravens are capable of scoring points, but their offensive unit is reliant on its defense to set the table. If the Chiefs donít turn it over, Baltimore is unlikely to score more than 17 or 20 points.

Now, if the Chiefs fail to pressure McNair, heíll pick them apart, especially with play-action passing.

This should be a good physical test for Kansas City. Itís the perfect kind of challenge for the Chiefs coming off Cleveland. Baltimore will establish Jamal Lewis, a power running game and try to pass off of that.

It wonít take a complicated game plan to slow Baltimoreís offense. The Chiefsí alleged big-time defenders ó Allen, Law, Surtain ó just need to make a few plays and elevate the intensity of their teammates.

Do that today, and we can begin to trust these guys again.

12-10-2006, 05:59 AM
If the Ravens school our defense, you know it's a piece of dogshit.

the Talking Can
12-10-2006, 06:22 AM
maybe during the playoffs, since we won't be in them again, our defense can work on its trust issues...

12-10-2006, 07:02 AM
Hey man he stole that cheating spouse thing from one of the threads on here. I don't know who made mention of it but "I" read it HERE first before JWhit made mention of it in this article.

Of course it was the WHOLE TEAM not being trusted or being compared to a girlfriend that constantly cheats on you when I read it the first time.

Unless someone can show me where is was mentioned somewhere else 1st.