View Full Version : PS3 Inventory Tracking Website

12-13-2006, 07:53 AM
For those that are trying to find a PS3 in stock, I found a great website called www.itrackr.com that helped me find a PS3. It's a website that tracks PS3 inventory at certain stores. Right now it tracks Target, CompUSA and Gamestop/EBGames. However, it tends to be accurate only with Target so I wouldn't advise using the site unless you have a few Targets within 50 miles or so.

Here's how it works: On the website, you enter your zip code and it will search for stores near you and tell you if PS3s are in stock at that store. Also, it will tell you when the last update was for that store. It works particularly well for Target, because Target restocks during the night after close and they update their inventory system at that time, at which time the website updates. If you pay $1.99 to the site, it will send you emails and/or text messages when a PS3 comes in stock at a store you're tracking. Last Saturday night around 11 pm I got an email telling me that Target had PS3s in stock at a store about 20 miles away from me, so I got there before they opened on Sunday morning and snagged one of the 2 units they received the night before.

If anyone wants to know more, send me a PM.