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12-18-2006, 07:39 AM
After the games we won and looked like a real team with some guts and determination with Huard filling in, the real hope for something special grew to a level that was purely out of control.

Since then, this coach and this staff, and for that matter the players have smashed any hope and have shown us just how outclassed the Chiefs really are.

The loss at Pittsburg should have told us but we all chalked it up as a bad day...we all have bad days. And we gave credit to the Steelers for having more desire. What we didnt do was recognize how bad it was and how worse it would be.

Last night brought it all out in the open.

Our game planning is just non existant. It can not be any worse. LJ run into the middle every first down, no gain or small gain, no ability to pick up the blitz, Green couldnt hit his ass with both hands, LJ couldnt block a soccer mom in a grocery Isle.

Special teams who make a few plays but screw them up, no return game, a returner who would rather leave KC known as a guy who fair catches more balls that get spotted inside the 10 than for his returns.

A feared offence that in one year Herm has gutted. Now be honest...Roaf leaving was a hit but thats not the reason we suck. Its bad football. No downfield passes was agift to the Carers. They didnt have to cover downfield and thewy knew every play before it evolved.

Cover 2. That sort of says it all for the defense.

So whats on the horizon for the Chiefs?

Green is done. I think the guy is a great guy, he played his heart out and is an asset to KC. But he is done. He has no hope under Herm and you can see he knows that he is out there and al alone. If he has any brains he will retire before Herm ruins his reputation.

We have no backup plan in place so I suppose they will start press reports soon on their efforts with Hurads contract and Croyle and then look for some other reject to stick in. How about Surtain and Law. Good huh? Great thing we kept Bell in. Fox wouldnt have done as well. All Crap. More Herm Crap. Bad game planning made worse by bad personnel decisions. No will to substitute for Dante..why? Cant he see Dante is a liability at this point. Dante as a wide reciever...Damn, its never gonna end is it?

I'd bet we have a replay of every press conference this week. Herm will talk about we have to win games. Thats a must for Herms press conferences...We lost, we move on, we played hard. Oh and he will say he saw progress....

Progressivley worse as season went on. You cannot be successful if your team gets worse every week. Herm coached this team and he can take credit for having a team that progressively got worse in all phases of the game.

Its sad. I'm sad. The fans are let down, disappointed, and feel abused. We should. This year, the excitement about the 2007 Chiefs will take far far longer to build.

Another Monday after...Excuses anyone?

12-18-2006, 07:52 AM
Most of what you said sadly is truth..we have to rebuild the O.. WR..OL..FB..QB?..the D.. DT..MLB..DB..the ST. needs improvement too.. Coaching change or new mindset has to happen too.. hard to say if that can happen in one year....