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Pretty good stuff, IMO.

Chefs first drive, according to me:

Hey Colts' fans, it's Joe again here to have some fun, ala the trip to Nashville thread. This is my idea of what might happen on the Chef's first drive against our defense. Here we go...

1st 10 (20)
LJ breaks an 80 yard run called back by delay of game. Trent Green was too busy laughing at the size of our D-Line and LB's and didn't snap the ball quick enough.

1st 15 (15)
LJ is met head on by Bob Sanders, taking LJ out of the game. Unfortunately Sanders' entire knee falls off, and must leave the game. Colts list him as questionable for the second half.

2nd 15 (15)
Huard comes in at RB and takes the draw for 17 and a 1st Down.

1st 10 (32)
Herm Edwards checks in at fullback and rumbles up to midfield, after running over Brackett and breaking an arm tackle by June.

1st 10 (50)
The RCA Dome cannot find the Tire Barn display (the one a person throws the ball through the tire), so the Chefs let the contestant play RB for a play. She picks up 12 and another 1st Down.

1st 10 (38)
Chefs receive 15 yard personal foul for Tire Barn Lady giving the "jump-shot" gesture to the Colts after leaving the field.

1st 10 (47)
The Colts try trickery by putting Hunter Smith in a Chefs jersey and putting him in at RB. He tries to fall down at the line of scrimmage, but the COlts LB's jump on him and knock him forward for a 3 yard gain.

1st 10 (50)
Trent Green runs a QB sneak and looks as if he might go the distance until Nick Harper's wife runs onto the field and stabs him in the butt, holding him to a 25 yard gain.

1st 10 (25)
Chefs receive 5 yard penalty for having illegal equipment on the field (the knife in Green's butt).

1st 15 (30)
Hall of Famer Marcus Allen checks in and breaks free up the middle, and finally his old bones snap and he falls at the 1 yard line. Cato June runs up and touches him down, then proceeds to dance his little jig over Marcus, celebrating his tackle.

1st Goal (1)
Timeout is called when Corey Simon falls over and breaks the entire replay booth. Colts then take him off of the unable to perfrom list and list him as questionable.

1st Goal (1)
Will Shields and Trent Green switch positions. Shields takes the ball on a pitch sweep left towrds Green. All eleven Colts pile on Shields but can't take him down. Ron Meeks pulls out a elephant gun and shoots a dart at Shields, but this just makes him mad. He somersaults over the goal line and proceeds to throw 25 straight bean bags in a row in the bean bag toss.

Extra Point
The Dome staff plays Detroit Rock City over the PA and Hawkeye's pants turn crusty in the front.

Drive Stats- 8 Carries, 105 Yards, Colts' Offense finishes Euchre tournament on the sidelines.

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Rhonda Moss is going to play?

el borracho
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"1st 10 (20)
LJ breaks an 80 yard run called back by delay of game. Trent Green was too busy laughing at the size of our D-Line and LB's and didn't snap the ball quick enough."

I didn't think the refs were calling delay of game penalties this season. By the way, that 1st play would put LJ 1/4 of the way to the single-game rushing record.

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Funny! :P

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Nice. Very Nice. ROFL

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That's harsh. I love it! ROFL