View Full Version : Dungy, Herm Edwards and Posnanski's column

02-04-2007, 03:37 PM
Posnanski had a column about a week ago (posted on here) about "genius" coaches vs. "motivator" coaches. I think Indy uses Dungy in the perfect way: he has some say on defense, almost none on offense, and is basically the CEO/motivator for the team. It seems to have worked out well for Indy.

Carl needs to follow that blueprint with Herm. If Herm had no control over the offense, and could give a little input on defense, but his true job was simply CEO/motivator, I think the guy could be successful.

As it currently stands, Herm is in way over his head. It's laughable when Herm starts talking about strategy, and circus offenses, and not trying to outscore opponents on the road. -- he simply is clueless. Let Herm be "the preacher" for the team, but make Solari have to answer to Carl, not Herm.

I'll never be a Herm Edwards fan, but if we are stuck with him, Carl has to reign in Herm's ego and "Dungify" him.