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02-15-2007, 11:17 AM
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Women's desks only look cleaner Study: Their workspaces have up to four times more bacteria than men's

TUCSON, Ariz. - Your office desk harbors far more bacteria than your workplace restroom, and if you're a woman, chances are your workspace has more germs than your male co-workers', a new research report shows.

Women have three to four times the number of bacteria in, on and around their desks, phones, computers, keyboards, drawers and personal items as men do, the study by University of Arizona professor Charles Gerba showed. Gerba, a professor of soil, water and environmental sciences, tested more than 100 offices on the UA campus and in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oregon and Washington, D.C. The $40,000 study was commissioned by the Clorox Co.

"I thought for sure men would be germier," Gerba said. "But women have more interactions with small children and keep food in their desks. The other problem is makeup."

Tidy doesn't mean clean

Don't get Gerba wrong: Women's desks typically looked cleaner. But the knickknacks are more abundant, and cosmetics and hand lotions make prime germ-transfer agents, Gerba said. Makeup cases also make for fine germ homes, along with phones, purses and desk drawers.

Food in desk drawers also harbors lots of microorganisms, and it is more abundant among female office workers. Gerba found 75 percent of women had munchies in their desks.

"I was really surprised how much food there was in a woman's desk," he said. "If there's ever a famine, that's the first place I'll look for food."


Mr. Laz
02-15-2007, 11:18 AM
nasty germ-ridden skanks

02-15-2007, 11:21 AM
Dip 'em in.....

02-15-2007, 11:30 AM
Wow, not only are women retarted, they're also dirty.

02-15-2007, 11:31 AM
Yup, it's the offseason.

02-15-2007, 11:43 AM
Wow, not only are women retarted, they're also dirty.

I know.. It's been a rough week for women in general.

02-15-2007, 12:17 PM
I know.. It's been a rough week for women in general.
And it's getting worse...


Sergeant Who Posed Nude Taken Off Duty

SAN ANTONIO (Feb. 15) - An Air Force drill sergeant who posed nude for Playboy magazine has been removed from active duty, she and the Air Force said Wednesday. Michelle Manhart, who appeared in a six-page spread in Playboy's February issue, said she got word Friday that she was removed from "extended active duty" and was also told that she was demoted from staff sergeant to senior airman.

"I'm disappointed in our system," Manhart told The Associated Press on Wednesday. "They went too far with it."

Manhart said that she was reverted to her Air National Guard status and that she submitted a "resignation" to the Guard, which she said is pending. Manhart was a member of the Iowa Air National Guard before going on extended active duty.

Oscar Balladares, a spokesman for Lackland Air Force Base, confirmed that Manhart was removed from extended active duty Friday but said Lackland did not discharge her.

"She was removed from active duty status, and thus reverted to National Guard status," Balladares said. "It is not up to the Air Force -- it is not our jurisdiction to discharge her."

Lt. Col. Greg Hapgood, a spokesman for the Iowa National Guard, said that because the Guard did not have "documentation of her separation" from the Air Force, it did not have her on duty status.

Manhart, a 30-year-old mother of two, said the military's action against her hinged on the fact that she was pictured wearing her uniform.

She was photographed in uniform yelling and holding weapons under the headline "Tough Love." The following pages showed her partially clothed wearing dog tags and fully nude. After the pictorial hit newsstands in January, Manhart was relieved of her duties pending an investigation.

Manhart said she is looking forward to pursuing a modeling and entertainment career.

"My family is going to stay here, but I do have plans to pursue anything that comes my way, whether it be in L.A. or New York or Hollywood," she said. "As far as moving on in my life, I'm happy. I hope this works out for my family and me."

Playboy spokeswoman Theresa Hennessey said Playboy had no comment on Manhart's case.

Hammock Parties
02-15-2007, 12:18 PM
I propose we change the name of the lounge to "He-Man Woman Haters Club."