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02-27-2007, 01:35 PM
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A few more random Combine Notes from a "inside source" we have in Indy:

A defensive tackle a who made some cash Monday is Turk McBride of Tennessee. His lateral movement was amazing in drills and his straight line speed was decent at 4.85. But his agility drills show why he made a ton of plays. A great 4-3 defensive tackle of 3-4 defensive end. I think he could go between the latter part of round 2 or early Day 2....I like Tim Shaw and Anthony Spencer -- they both can "do it". But it wont happen as rookies. Jarvis Moss of Florida is the only guy I think can make an instant impact as a 3-4 outside linebacker like Ware did in Dallas.

Drew Stanton had a nice Combine. Stanton throws can be a little off because of his mechanics, but he and Trent Edwards have the tools to develop in fine N.F.L. quarterbacks. By the way, saw Stanton's Wonderlic and measurables, very nice indeed!....Monday almost all offensive coaches left and only about 15 head coaches remained in Indy. It was filled with all the defensive coaches. Everybody is talking about the safety and defensive end class and many 3-4 teams seem to like this group of outside linebackers.

Last week LaRon Landry ran a 4.45 to a 4.52 and that is all he needs. The safety with speed issues is Reggie Nelson of Florida. I have heard numbers all over the place on him -- 4.52 to 4.7. Nelson does have great ball skills, but he needs a good time to go top 20. Reggie Nelson, I believe, has more to win or lose than any player with his forty time, maybe only rivaled by Dwayne Jarrett of Southern Cal!.....Young New Orleans safety Roman Harper's knee surgery was fine (coming off ACL surgery), but they found some issues that may make it take a bit longer for him to return. He did not have great speed to begin with and this injury really could hurt his future in the league. Much like what happened to Tank Williams after his knee injury -- lost his cutting ability as a strong safety.

The Detroit Lions are trying to trade half their team, it seems. They offered veteran Marcus Pollard to all teams needing a tight end. They even talked within their division! Cornerback Dre Bly has been offered around as has defensive end James Hall....I think the New York Giants are also looking to dump half their team. Veteran Mike Strahan could be cut loose and I think center Shuan O'hara will leave via free agency. O'Hara turned down a $21 million deal here in Indy Sunday morning and it looks like Giants drew a line in the sand.....The Cincinnati Bengals may part ways with injured linebacker David Pollack and troubled wide receiver Chris Henry. Running back Chris Perry is in trouble too.

I overheard Pat Kirwan saying that the Jets and Pats love defensive end Jarvis Moss and he interviewed very well. Most of the 3-4 teams think Moss will make a great outside linebacker in a 3-4. He has the ability to do it. I know the Jets and Patriots both interviewed him last night. Steelers interviewed him, too, as did Cleveland and Baltimore.

Indy media is reporting a deal between linebacker London Fletcher and the Redskins is done....The deal I hear is almost done is Kris Dielman going to Cleveland, because of LaCharles Bentley's possible career ending injury and the fact that his longtime Chargers coach is now the new OC in Cleveland....I got some hits on Donte Stallworth too -- it looks like its Tennessee and San Francisco, because they seem willing to pay the price....As for Tennessee, their deal with Travis Henry fell through on guaranteed money, so he could be a cut.....Wide receiver Drew Bennett could get some love from San Francisco, Oakland and Atlanta.

New Orleans likes Mike Merriweather, free safety from "the U". I think Merriweather merits a top 20 pick, but he could fall like LenDale White did, as his off-field stuff is going to hurt him big time with the movement in the league towards "character" players!....Veteran wide receiver Joe Horn is telling his agent to keep him in N.O., but I think he is done there based upon things I have heard. The teams' front office is done with him.....Biggest trade proposal on the table is the Skins trying to dump Clinton Portis, since they re-upped Betts. They want picks in return because they don't have many. They like Gaines Adams, but they are more open to moving #6 for additional picks from another team in the top ten -- they have a ton of options. They may even stay at six if Adrian Peterson falls, believe it or not! Portis may be moved and there are several interested teams -- both New York teams and the Patriots.