View Full Version : Maybe DukieV will get shut-out by the rest of the coaches in the NCAA...

02-27-2007, 02:50 PM
This is funny as hell...

If I was a college coach, I would block this guy from any sort of interaction with my team. ESPN might pull him off the air, and the rest of the country's basketball programs would have a shot at the media spotlight.

What a tool...


Audio: Click Here (http://wms.scripps.com/knoxville/sportspage/0226dickvitale1.mp3)

Dick Vitale phoned in to the Sports Animal in Knoxville for a telephone interview as part of the buildup to the Florida-Tennessee Game. Dickie V is in a restaurant somewhere in Florida talking on his telephone on air. Dickie V steps on his crank on-air unwittingly discussing a private conversation between him and Billy Donovan.

Griffith, one of the Animal’s co-host, tries to go to Vitale a couple of times, loudly but Vitale appears to be finishing a conversation in the restaurant that includes some “insider” Gator information from Eddie Munster. When he “officially” came on the air, Adams the other co-host, asked a few questions addressing the insider comments. Here is the wrap up of the comments overheard while he was jawing on phone:

1. Vitale said “no way” Florida should have lost to LSU.

2. Then he starts talking about Noah and you could quickly tell he was talking about him having “no shot.” Then he went on to say that Eddie Munster had told him something “he would never say publicly” that Horford “should” be taken over Noah. “It would be a mistake for an NBA to take Noah over Horford.”

Ultra Peanut
02-27-2007, 02:58 PM
This is the best thing that has ever come from Knoxpatch.