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Archie F. Swin
03-13-2001, 01:50 PM
I'd like to take "inventory" of those planet regulars who live . . . say . . . within 150 miles of Dallas.

Or anyone who would consider a Planet "get-together" some Saturday night in the Metroplex (maybe in a club that has all kinds of Cowboys memorabilia on the walls . . . tee hee)

of course, organizing something like this would have to be up to one of our Metroplex Regulars . . . I dont know where the hot spots are.

ne1 interested post name below!

03-13-2001, 02:07 PM

I'm in Dallas for the next week... then I'm headed back to Spain. I'd be up for something.


03-13-2001, 02:07 PM
As long as I don't have to sit and listen to a bunch of trash talking Dallas fans... oh wait, they have no trash to talk... OK, I'm in.

03-13-2001, 02:18 PM
I'm in downtown FTW today and tomorrow. Sadly, I took a taxi from the airport. I'd be up for a beer or two if you made it out here, Kyle. However, I pulled an all nighter last night and I'm likely to be in bed by 10:00....

I'm down with dinner and a few beers though!

03-13-2001, 02:50 PM
I'm near Lewisville so I'd be interested in something...sometime (but my schedule is pretty hectic at the moment :( ). I do know I plan to attend more group outings during the season and I may bring some other Chief's fans with me :)

03-13-2001, 03:22 PM

If you get this and do want to grab a brew this evening, my pager # is 8884696296.

Mile High Mania
03-13-2001, 03:28 PM
Wow ... didn't realize we were all neighbors. I work downtown, live about 28 miles north of downtown Dallas.

03-13-2001, 03:32 PM
No Denver fans allowed, Brad. :)

03-13-2001, 03:34 PM
Please tell me you are kidding.

03-13-2001, 03:47 PM

03-13-2001, 03:55 PM
MHM...you live right by me it looks like...I'm in Lake Dallas. Just over the bridge on your way up north along I 35E (from Dallas that is). You must hate the Cowboys as much as I do :)

Take care!

Bob Dole
03-13-2001, 05:26 PM
Bob Dole is about 180 miles away (from anything, now that Bob Dole thinks about it...) and could probably swing a Saturday thing.

(Could actually have swung a tonight or tomorrow night thing had there been some advance notice. Bob Dole thinks that may have been intentional on Phil and Kyle's part. Hmmm...)

Bob Dole will be in Dallas 4/3 for the U2 concert, but it will probably be an in-and-out thing. Other than this weekend (Godsmack in Little Rock), Bob Dole is pretty open.

03-13-2001, 05:52 PM
No, Bob Dole, it's a last minute thing. Next time I spend any amount of time up here (which will be often), I'll let you know so you can come hold my hand a feel all fuzzy inside....

Bob Dole
03-13-2001, 06:07 PM
Rest assured, Bob Dole has absolutely no desire to hold your grubby little hand. While Bob Dole understands that you might take comfort in hanging out with someone already familiar with your unusual speech impediment, Bob Dole's sole motivation in typing anything at all was the consumption of the choicest hops and best barley malt in the presence of another Chiefs fan (no matter how disabled).

03-13-2001, 06:16 PM
Dude, just admit that you are enamored with my aura....

There's nothing to be ashamed of you bad, bad, boy!

03-13-2001, 06:28 PM
Just remember senator - If you want to hang on to this one don't start whispering sweet nothings about the flaws of carbon dating in his ear until the 3rd or 4th date.

~not that theres anything wrong with that

Bob Dole
03-13-2001, 06:38 PM
Aura? Bob Dole just thought it was a fog emitted by cheap cologne.

And why are you still typing? After that "all nighter," Bob Dole figured you'd be grabbing some shut-eye. (How much did an entire night of those hotel X-rated movies cost, anyway? Do they reimburse you for that stuff?)

And why skip the C-14 discussion, Otter? It's a d@mned good screening device, if nothing else.

(Shut up, Phil.)

Archie F. Swin
03-13-2001, 06:53 PM
I say we all just meet at Luz's doorstep (in Richardson) and take it from there . . . he seems like the party type

Archie F. Swin
03-13-2001, 07:09 PM
Would anyone be interested in the evening of Saturday, April 21st?

We would probably know the first few draft picks by then . . . unlimited discussion . . . beer flowing like the Red River ((ick)) . . . ok bad analogy

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Bob Dole
03-13-2001, 07:19 PM
I don't know about where you are, but the Red just pretty much <i>oozes</i> over here in the east part of Texas...

Barring unforseen events, Bob Dole could probably swing the weekend of April 21.

03-13-2001, 08:27 PM
I'm in the north Garland/Richardson area near the George Bush Tollway...

I'm not sure about April 21st...I'm on vacation and don't have my calendar with me. My only experience with "get togethers" was a failed bit in Addison where they couldn't seem to tune in the dang pre-season game. Grrrr. But I'd be at least open to another attempt. I'll check back with this thread later in the week....

03-13-2001, 08:32 PM
mmmmmmmm....I'm wondering why it says "lurker" under my name on the side of my messages. Some kind of built in "filter" for identifying those who post once or twice a week? hehehe. I think that's funny. I'm a lurker!

03-13-2001, 09:44 PM
Lurker simply means that you haven't posted enough to be a regular yet ~ keep typing!

Yes, I live in Richardson and I've never touched a brew in my life... *grin*

If my presence would be tolerated, count me in.

what am i getting into???...

Archie F. Swin
03-16-2001, 11:18 PM
Tom Kamb is a Homo!?

That's right! North Texas' most controversial talk show host "came out" on his show today(the 16th)!

for those of you who don't know who I'm talkin about . . . tune your radio to 570 AM KLIF at 2:00PM(weekdays) and listen to the Tom Kamb show. You'll love to hate him!

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