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04-01-2007, 12:32 AM

Browns GM Phil Savage reportedly pulls off an intriguing deal to improve the team's draft position, dealing himself to the Lions for the second pick in the 2007 draft. The move could improve the Browns chances of landing either Brady Quinn or Jamarcus Russell, but will have ripple effects. More...

The Browns have traded up the the second position in April 28th's draft in an unusual deal masterminded by Browns General Manager Phil Savage.

The scouting wunderkind has shown a propensity for draft day deals, acquiring Trent Dilfer in 2005, and trading down one spot in last years draft in exchange for a sixth-round pick.

Savage, who has been showing less-than-subtle affection for the top two quarterbacks available in this year's class, has duplicated Butch Davis' deal-making in 2004 by swapping himself to the Lions for the second pick in this year's draft, moving up exactly one spot in the 2007 queue.

The move is an obvious winner for both clubs, with Savage filling an obvious vacancy in the Lions player personnel group, and quickly providing dim-bulb Lions GM Matt Millen with some sage advice on which wide receiver to select with the Lions now-third pick in the 2007 draft.

The OBR can also report that Savage attempted to put together a similar deal with the Oakland Raiders, but balked at the high cost of the move. Negotiations with the Raiders would have allowed the team to swap picks in exchange for Savage dealing himself and a "truckload of office furniture" to Oakland, but broke down over the requirement that the GM learn how to operate Raiders owner Al Davis' complex animatronics and convert from his current faith to an obscure branch of the Dark Arts practiced by the Raiders organization.

The deal reportedly would have included a request for several "virgin" goats, a move nixed by the NFL Players Association.

Savage has been working furiously prior to the draft, looking at potential trade options up and down the 2007 draft order. In addition to coveting the two quarterbacks, the Browns also had a large number of other needs throughout the depth chart. Consequently, Savage has looked at trading down and acquiring more picks, but has been frustrated with the Lions having the upper hand with their pick one spot higher in the draft.

With himself now dealt to Detroit, however, Savage has to deal with being in the same exact situation, which could potentially result in a subsequent deal to move the Lions up to the two spot again, perhaps with an additional pick being packaged with Savage and/or other front office personnel back to Cleveland. Matt Millen has reportedly allowed Savage to lead the negotiations with himself or any other representative of the Browns during the week that Savage works for both clubs.

Reached for comment, Millen told the OBR that he has "long been an out-of-the-box thinker in negotiating complex deals", taking credit for hiring ex-coach Marty Morningwheg to a five-year deal involving mostly a significant investment by various members of the Ford family in Morningwheg's failed off-season efforts to become pioneer in developing a "string farm".

Browns front office members reached by the OBR reacted only with fits of high-pitched giggling, perhaps caused by toxic effects of Glade® Anti-Staph PlugIns® Air Fresheners now in use throughout the Berea facility.

04-01-2007, 12:35 AM
I predicted all of this a week ago. Too bad I didn't tell a soul.