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03-22-2001, 08:09 PM
What's going on out there?


What a mess................

03-22-2001, 08:29 PM
Hey Joe,

I doubt incidents like this will end until parents start becoming more involved in their children's lives. It's tough to come home after getting your a$$ kicked at work all day/night and then have enough energy left to interact with the kids. But, it's not impossible.

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keg in kc
03-22-2001, 08:47 PM
You're right Postal Chief, but I also believe it won't begin to abate until incidents like this stop being a top story on the national news. A kid wants attention now and, sad as it sounds, all he has to do is bring a gun to school and shoot a few rounds and he's a headline. There's a reason news organizations generally refuse to do stories about suicides and bomb threats, and I think it's about time they stopped circling like sharks around this issue as well. Don't ignore the problem, rather work on it locally, both at home and in schools, and stop sensationalizing it. It's high time that the physical and mental safety and welfare of our children become more important than ratings and profits.

03-22-2001, 09:07 PM
you are absolutey right. And infact it's not just the kids who do the shooting who are looking for the media attention, but also the rest of the kids at the school. After Santee Rush had a story (by the way his philosiphy is also to just ignore it) by some reporterette who said that right after getting out of the school, several kids ran home to change clothes and fix their make up and then returning to the school and start getting extremely emotional so as to get on camera. So I agree, the media needs to stop making such a big deal about it. And this by no means takes away from the responsibility of the parents, I still belive that if they were what parents should be, most of these terrible acts wouldn't take place.

03-23-2001, 09:22 AM

Couldn't agree more. As it usually is with most bad things in this country, the media plays a mayjor role.


Media spin: Those EVIL GUNS <IMG SRC="http://members.spree.com/romance/Aquarius18/9mm.gif";

Lightning Rod
03-23-2001, 09:24 AM
This just makes me so angry my head is about to explode!!! Iíve been attempting to find some sort of solution or at least response to this chicken****, cowardly, evil, criminal behavior. About the only thing I can think of and Iím not thrilled with it is this.
What if a certain number of teachers were sent through police training and then deputized? They would have the same obligations and regulations governing their behavior as any other officer but their authority would be restricted to school grounds and activities. They would also be compensated accordingly. I think they would be more effective if they were plain clothed and there identity unknown to the students. These little bastards are shooting up schools to get attention in the media and because they know their victims are not armed to fight back. I wonder if these kids might think twice if just one time the story read ď Gun wielding students head blown off by Deputy Dan the Science man. No one else injured in the incident.Ē Yeah, I know this idea has lots of problems with it but Iíd like to hear some better ideas.

03-23-2001, 09:37 AM

Besides tossing out public schools which I have wanted to do forever now I think you are right. Depending on the size of the campus there should be a number of teachers packing that have been trained and get paid a little more for having that training. The students should not know who they are. Remember what your dealing with though, the left wing wackos. They are never going to go for that.


Well if there are enough shooting, MAYBE

KS Smitty
03-23-2001, 12:57 PM
RCG and Big Daddy:
Teachers are not allowed to use any form of corporal punishment now it would be a big step to get any approved to carry guns or pepper spray even. My daughters high school had a bomb threat on the girls bathroom stall (it was evidently a prank) and had the bomb dog in twice to check the school and students. Regardless of whether it was true or not the school was disrupted and some of the students were affected by it. A 16 year old student wrote a letter to the editor at the local paper that gave as possible causes "it's the kids they just like to be mean or maybe it's the computer games they play, you know the violent ones." Parents;"maybe they didn't teach their kids right or maybe they didn't treat their kids right. Maybe the kids just don't like the school so it is the cause or the school doesn't take the right action. Or maybe just maybe it could be the media that is the cause, have you ever thought about that." Her solutions include school uniforms and metal detectors for the school, get rid of violent games, safety drills in schools and train the staff what to do when a kid has a gun. Parents should get more involved with their kids. "The media should stop publicizing every school related violence." She does say that she doesn't think uniforms would work as they might just make students want to lash out more. This a jr/sr high school with around 400 sudents in attendance. I would have to agree to a certain extent with what is said, however, there are people out there that would say the student is overreacting and paranoid. Also the parents that don't spend time with their kids now wouldn't change. Society as a whole needs work. The media does over publicize these happenings and while some kids do it for the publicity others would never have considered such a thing if it hadn't been dissected and discussed like a how-to book. JMO


03-23-2001, 01:10 PM

The reason the schools are so messed up is because the liberals run them. Who do you think makes the stupid rules. If they will not allow some teachers to be trained then you need an armed campus cop trained to deal with situations like this. I will print a topic in a few minutes to show for the umpteenth time how screwed up our schools priorities are.


Lightning Rod
03-23-2001, 01:59 PM
Big Daddy,

I respectfully disagree with you that the Schools are largely at fault. While I have a fair amount of disdain for the left leaning political nature of our public Schools I donít thing we can drop this turd in their lap. It is not the schools job to teach morality. While the media and our school systems can be seen as an accomplices the majority of the blame goes to one group. The parents. I think these issues can be caused by parents on both extremes of the norm. We have the dead beat lazy, uneducated people constantly claiming to be a victim of society rather than taking control of their lives and improving themselves. We also have the Gotta keep up with the Jonesís well educated well paid both parents have gotta work till 10 PM not because it is necessary to survive but to have the big house and new BMW in the driveway. Parents need to take ownership in their children. It is far more important to raise them with a solid understanding of right and wrong than it is to get your "Buzz on" down at the corner or make sure you belong to the country club. Until such time that a child Becomes an Adult that child is 100% the responsibility of his or her parents.

KS Smitty
03-23-2001, 02:10 PM
I agree with RGC that "parenting" is lacking in many families. Have any of you seen the "sit-com" Grounded For Life? The kids control the parents and the dad is a juvenile delinquent in fathers clothing. The question it seems to me is, how do we level the playing field? How do you get parents to give their kids any "raisins", especially when some are so wrapped up in their "problems" that they don't even see that the kids need them? My cousin was shot and killed (due to his lifestyle) and his wife not only lost the 3 surviving children due to her lack of seeing past her selfpity but the one she was pg with when he died and another one from another father. She "loves" her kids but not enough to provide them with a stable environment. And she blames SRS. How do you get past that kind of mentality?

no answers, just more questions

03-23-2001, 02:14 PM

Actually I completely agree with you. What I was b*tching about was the stupid rules smitty was reffering to. Our teachers should be able to protect students as well as themselves.

03-23-2001, 07:50 PM
Just so you all know, in this most recent shooting there was a policeman present and one of the two students shot was the shooter. He was shot in the face and the as$ by the policeman. He was shown on the news with blood running from his face which was extremely swollen and distorted evidently it must have been a side to side shot because this 18 year old senior was listed in satisfactory condition. Hopefully the picture with his face shot up will be shown over and over for the next week.