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04-28-2007, 07:46 PM
Apr 28, 2007, 8:33:01 PM


Q: What are your thoughts about being drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs?

McBRIDE: 的知 extremely pleased. I知 happy and I知 speechless. I知 so excited.

Q: Did you have any idea you would get picked at this point in the draft?

McBRIDE: 的 had a good feeling deep down that I was going to be (drafted) somewhere in that range, but I didn稚 know. I could have told you it was a possibility, but I didn稚 really know.

Q: How did your visit to Kansas City go a couple weeks ago?

McBRIDE: 的t went extremely well. I got a chance to meet a lot of people and that went extremely well. I also have two teammates playing there (WR Chris Hannon and P Dustin Colquitt), so I知 happy about it.

Q: In college you played inside and outside, where do you fit the best with the Chiefs?

McBRIDE: 典o be honest I don稚 even know. I don稚 think I really got the chance to excel at each position the way I know I could. Just off of what I was doing at Tennessee going back and forth so I don稚 think I excelled. My comfort zone right now I壇 say is defensive tackle, but I think in the long run I値l be a better defensive end.

Q: Did you follow the Chiefs growing up?

McBRIDE: 的 always liked their uniforms to be honest. When I was in college, one of their offensive linemen reminded me of my roommate. That was really the only thing I followed about them.

Q: Why do you think your coaches called you the most valuable lineman?

McBRIDE: 的 think it痴 because I知 hard working and my dedication and the type of person I am. I知 relentless and I think that痴 where a lot of that comes from.

Q: You started 17 games in college, do you think you池e ready for the NFL?

McBRIDE: 的知 going to be ready for it. The coaches did a great job so I know I値l be ready.

Q: What did you and Gunther Cunningham talk about on your visit to Kansas City?

McBRIDE: 展e just talked about the scheme. He wanted to pick my brain to see if I knew the defense and how well I can learn. That was the main thing. I believe he know I was a player on the defensive side of the ball and he wanted to see how well I learned and how well I could grasp the defense.