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Bowe knows how to make impression

Chiefs’ No. 1 pick says “Let’s get ready to roll” on his visit to KC.
The Kansas City Star
He’s yet to run a route at Arrowhead Stadium, but Dwayne Bowe already has Chiefs fans gawking.

“You see how big that guy was?” one man asked as Bowe swung open the glass door Monday at the Arrowhead Pavilion.

“He doesn’t look like a receiver,” someone else said. “He looks like a linebacker.”

Indeed, just as the team promised, Bowe proved to be a striking specimen in his first appearance as a Chief. From the arms that seemed ready to split his coat seams to the way he signs his autographs — D-BO is all you’ll get — everything about the 6-foot-2, 221-pound Bowe is bold.

“We’re getting ready to crank it up,” Bowe said about the upcoming season. “Let’s get ready to roll.”

Wearing a tan jacket, dark jeans and brown shoes, Bowe said he’s been “overwhelmed” since the Chiefs selected him Saturday in the first round of the NFL draft. It hardly seemed that way, however, as Bowe shook hands and mingled with well-wishers Monday evening during the Chiefs’ Red Coat Draft Dinner.

“He’s as good of a person as you’ll ever be around,” former LSU offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher said. “He’s always smiling. He loves to play and be around people. He’s extremely friendly. He gets along with everyone he meets.”

One minute Bowe was squatting in a catcher’s stance to pose for a picture with a young girl. The next he listened as team president/general manager Carl Peterson explained various mementos on the Chiefs’ Wall of Fame.

“I love being around people that are happy for me and want to see me do well,” Bowe said. “It boosts me up.”

Bowe arrived in Kansas City late Monday afternoon after a whirlwind of a weekend. He said he received about 100 text and voice messages within about 10 minutes of being drafted. One of these days he’ll find time to return them.

“When they called my name (at the draft) … that was one of the best days of my life,” Bowe said.

The Chiefs are confident their decision to draft Bowe will pay off.

A Miami native, Bowe caught a school-record 26 touchdown passes during a four-year career at LSU. But his Velcro hands and precision while running routes aren’t Bowe’s only attributes.

Perhaps more than anything, Bowe is lauded for his ability to break tackles and his willingness to deliver vicious blocks.

“I take a lot of pride in that,” Bowe said. “I helped (LSU) win a lot of games by blocking.”

The Chiefs need Bowe to come through in the worst way. His presence is expected to help open up the running game for tailback Larry Johnson while taking some of the pressure off tight end Tony Gonzalez.

Plus, other than the aging Eddie Kennison, the Chiefs lack a high-quality receiver. Like Bowe, Kennison is a former LSU standout.

“We’re going to meet up tonight and have some fun,” Bowe said.

Told that he may push Kennison out of a starting job, Bowe smiled and said: “That’s football. That’s life. We’re teammates now, and I’m going to do whatever I have to do to win.”

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