View Full Version : 2007 All-NBA Teams

05-10-2007, 03:38 PM

Steve Nash
Kobe Bryant
Dirk Nowitski
Amare Stoudemire
Tim Duncan


Gilbert Arenas
Chris Bosh
LeBron James
Tracy McGrady
Yao Ming


Dwayne Wade
Chauncey Billups
Carmelo Anthony
Kevin Garnett
Dwight Howard

Amare Stoudemire making the First team is a joke -- no way this guy is sporting a better season than LeBron James, who carried his team to where it is now. Take Nash off Phoenix, and I'm not convinced Stoudemire leads them anywhere.

05-10-2007, 03:51 PM
Amare first team is a crime. He has a good argument of making it over Yao becuase Yao barely played more than half the season, but making it over LeBron? Duncan should have been at C (According to 82games Duncan played 72% of his minutes at center this year) with Lebron and Dirk at the Forwards.

And Kidd should have been in over Billups. 13/8/9, first to ever do it since Magic Johnson. Boozer got snubbed as well.