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Rain Man
05-12-2007, 10:06 PM
I'm in California and while it's 87 degrees in Denver it's only about 65 degrees here as a high and all I brought was shorts and t-shirts and I went out to work at the pool and this Chinook wind kept coming in so I bought some chicken tenders and fries to try to stay warm but it didn't work and it wasn't like there were a lot of attractive women nipping out at the pool in the Chinook wind anyway since the whole place is either senior citizens or eight-year old kids whose mothers are MIWNLFs so I went back and worked inside and then went out to dinner and wow this place is rich because I saw three Ferraris in the twenty minute drive to dinner where my waitress had very unusual hair that looked kind of like a tumbleweed and I've now had crab two days in a row not that that's a bad thing and I'd kind of like a candy bar now but my wife is here and she doesn't really want me eating candy because I have no discipline no discipline at all and as a result I weigh about 35 pounds more than when we got married and I have to get up early because my wife's parents are here and I'm always the last one to come to the breakfast table which I think makes me look lazy in their eyes even though they never say anything but they like to go places early in the morning when I'm still dreaming and kicking my legs because I'm dreaming about chasing a rabbit but hey that's the kind of guy I am since I stay up really really late at night and don't eat breakfast even though I have to here because it's some kind of social or traditional thing with these people and even though I weigh 35 pounds more than when I got married I can't get out of it even though I would if I could because of the whole sleeping in and dreaming about rabbits thing but the good thing is that I got to go to the spa and get a massage even though the massage lady uses incredible pressure and when I asked her to lighten up a little bit she told me that I needed the pressure and that I was ignorant of my body and I must admit it felt good afterward so I'm trying to figure out how I can sneak back and get another one if for no other reason than the fact that I'm freezing and it's nice and warm when I'm on the massage table and why in the heck is it colder in southern California than Colorado?

05-12-2007, 10:07 PM
OK Luv, I think I found the thread you can do your whining in.

Rain Man
05-12-2007, 10:15 PM
I wonder what the air in California does that's different because it's a whole lot denser than the air in Colorado so I figure that I'm probably getting a whole lot more oxygen to my brain and then it makes me wonder if any Nobel prize winners did their work at altitude and perhaps if I lived in California or another low place like Mississippi or Delaware or Montgomery Alabama I might be a Nobel prize-winning novelist or scientist or chemist like Linus Pauling before the drugs but then again maybe the denser air doesn't mean anything and in fact it somehow makes people lethargic in which case I have a clear mind in Colorado and if I lived in a low place like Florida or Connecticut or Springfield Massachusetts I might be a slow-witted plodding guy whose motor skills are controlled by his spinal cord because his brain doesn't have enough capacity.