View Full Version : Q&A with HERM EDWARDS - 5/13

Hammock Parties
05-14-2007, 09:46 AM

Q: Why do you wear the sweatshirt - all the time, even when it’s this hot out.

HERM EDWARDS: “I always wear it so the players think if they’re hot, they’re not that hot. I’ve always done it. I did it in Tampa. They looked at me like I was crazy and maybe I am, but that’s OK.”

Q: How was Bowe today?

EDWARDS: “Bowe today was ok. He’s going to be a good player. He’s a big physical guy who you can see at times when guys are trying to get their hands on him that he can run through them. He can run through corners. He’s fearless. He’s not going to be afraid to block, I know that.

“I think as he goes on and we get the other quarterbacks in here it’ll be kind of interesting to see how he reacts – how all the guys react. I think this has been a good platform for him to kind of slowly come along. When we start OTAs the following week he and all the rookies will be mentally prepared on what to do so they can play fast.”

Q: Is it good that maybe he’s frustrated because he’s dropped some balls?

EDWARDS: “No doubt. He’s so aggressive and wants to make a play. You can anticipate that in players. He’s grasping what we want him to do and he’s not making a lot of mental errors.”

Q: You’ve seen Tank and Turk on the field. Are they instant rotation guys right now?

EDWARDS: “Obviously when you draft guys like that we know that we’re going to ask them to play. When you look at us last year a lot of young guys started playing for us. That’s the plan this year. I think if you let them play they get better as they play.”

Q: What’s jumping out at you about those guys?

EDWARDS: “Tank is a big strong powerful guy inside. He can run - good laterally. McBride we’ve had at end and he’s a pretty good end, now. He’s nothing to sneeze at. He’s got some similar traits to Tamba (Hali). He can really change direction, can chase down the ball from the backside. He’s got a lot of speed.

“Those are the things you saw in college. They’ve done that out here in shorts. We’ve got some guys who made the all-shorts team. That doesn’t really count and we have a long time before we put the pads on. But I think the thing you realize is you find out the guys who like to compete. That’s probably the most important thing.”

Q: Does Tank have that aggressive, almost mean streak on the field?

EDWARDS: “Oh, he’s got a mean streak. So, be careful when you ask him certain questions. If you do, make sure you’re backing up (laughs).”

Q: Is it different going into this rookie mini-camp and training camp because you have options now on the defensive line?

EDWARDS: “You know you’re going to have a pretty good rotation system. You drafted two guys who you think can come in and help you - absolutely. You picked up Boone in the off-season and you re-signed your guys (Edwards and Reed). So, you feel more comfortable inside and outside. We’ve got a guy who can play end, too. We’ve got a dual guy in McBride. We feel pretty good there.”

Q: What has been your impression of Ramiro Pruneda?

EDWARDS: “It’s all new. He’s an athlete, a big good-footed athlete with long reach. But his learning curve is something that is going to take time. Most kids grow up learning about football at a young age. He didn’t start playing football until a late age. So, the instincts are different for him. He’s learning instincts about how to play football at an older age than a high school kid. You can’t speed that process up, but you like some of the things he’s doing. Every day he learns something. He’s a study guy who is a ways away. The more he practices against talented guys – and he’s going to practice against our second defensive line and they’re going to be pretty good – the better he’ll be.”

Q: How much progress did you see from the first five minutes Saturday to the last five minutes today?

EDWARDS: “Like night and day. Even the players feel more comfortable. I was a little bit worried this afternoon because this was the fourth one. Last year was a little easier because we had more veteran guys here, so we had more numbers. Now, the numbers are down because it’s only rookie guys because I’m in the second year here. (New NFL coaches can bring veterans to more than one organized camp). I thought the young guys kept the tempo up and that was good and they didn’t feel sorry for themselves.”

Q: How much are you doing on the field and in the classroom?

EDWARDS: “They’re getting the whole deal. They come in at 9 AM and special teams really start at 8:30 AM. Team meeting at 9 and they go all the way to 10:15 in the class room and then they’re out here practicing. They go back in and have lunch and have another meeting and another hour and half out here practicing in the afternoon. They’re getting a lot thrown at them. But we’ve cut it down some and only ask them to do certain things: basic offense, the basic state of our defense. Let them get their feet underneath them and more than anything else it’s been a lot of technique and fundamental work.