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04-18-2001, 10:26 AM
Just a spot for the outdoorsmen..oops..persons...to discuss some fishing, turkey, bow, whatever hunting and morrel mushroom tips, lies/stories....

stories, tips, brag, curse the one that got away or discuss something besides the Rams for this offseason.

04-18-2001, 10:33 AM
i've already dug 3ticks off myself since it started warming up.
(you gotta start somewhere)

04-18-2001, 10:45 AM
Pit posted this site on another thread...It looks like a good one for those who hunt the mighty morrel.

I'm getting hungry already.

04-18-2001, 10:50 AM
Ticks ALREADY?!? Great. Just F'ing Great. Remember the Deep Woods Off and spray your pantlegs and shoes! I also use rubber bands so the little critters can't get up my pantlegs. Looks stupid, but works alright. I Hate those little b*stards!!!

04-18-2001, 10:50 AM
that brings up a blank screen, iowa...i think it should be "html" instead of htm at the end of the link.

04-18-2001, 10:53 AM
Iím going down to Truman Lake this weekend for some crappie fishing. My buddy was down there last weekend and he said it was a little slow, but they caught 18 keepers between 4 people on Saturday. They were fairly close to the bank so hopefully will be starting the spawn soon. I hope so, I would love nothing more than to catch my limit both days!

04-18-2001, 10:53 AM
nothing's tougher than trying to dig a seed tick off the old tater sack. not enough vertebrae.

04-18-2001, 11:07 AM
I fixed it, thanks for the heads up.

My folks just bought a cabin at BullShoals...we're going down next weekend for a man trip....the fish are supposedly biting good there. They say its a walleye lake but I'm a bass man....we'll see.

04-18-2001, 11:07 AM

You have morels in Iowa? I figured that was a bit far north for them. You said you're getting hungry for them. I don't want to rub it in, but between my folks and me we found over 100 last week and weekend. Made a pretty good Easter dinner. :)

04-18-2001, 11:08 AM
And yes the ticks are out in full force. The mushrooms were good but I paid the price. Forgot the off and the Avon Skin-So-Soft. Don't laugh, it works wonders when applied liberally.

04-18-2001, 11:50 AM
gh4...i'm thinking about having the wife squirt a tube of frontline back between my shoulder blades. stuff works wonders on my labs

iowa...the mag i was telling you about is petersen's bowhunting. june, 2001. it has a small writeup on the mathews q2xl. that'll cost you a couple bucks.

04-18-2001, 11:54 AM
Gh4 - oh Yes we have them. The forcast is to be near 70 this weekend so we just "might" have a couple pop. I usually get itchy and jump the gun on 'em, but I usually like to hunt them from the very start to the bitter end.

04-18-2001, 12:27 PM
heck yes we have them....I don't know how far north they are, but we've found them by the bushel before....a guy can make some pretty good scratch selling them by the pound if you have some good spots.....People compete for mushroom spots more than fishing holes and hunting rights....some of the old timers are downright nasty about it....lay claim to Railroad ROW like you wouldn't beleive...sometimes the working man is just SOL if you don't own good spots.

thanks, i may try to find that. My brother goes to Cabellas quite a bit..apparently knows a guy or something...he bought 2 mathews bows @ half price last year from the return/damaged desk...they were scratched in shipping...thats what i'm leaning toward...find something I like and keep my eye open.

04-18-2001, 12:29 PM
I know the feeling ptlyon. I love getting out and hunting them but I only get to go on the weekends and my folks keep them pretty well cleaned out during the week. :(

Speaking of that, my mom just called and said that she and Dad found 48 of the red mushrooms this morning. Those things can be huge, I wish I could have been there to see that.

04-18-2001, 12:32 PM
I learn something every day Iowanian. It is fun, and I know what you mean about staking your "rights" to hunting ground. We have a lot of trouble with trespassers down on our farm, almost worse than deer season.

04-18-2001, 12:32 PM
"Red" shrooms?

04-18-2001, 12:35 PM
Yeah they're actually a "false" morel. Don't really know how to describe them, they look like big rust colored sponges. Our Conservation Department classifies them as non-edible because they can and do make some people very ill. But many people can eat them with no problem. We've never had a problem obviously.

04-18-2001, 12:38 PM
Here's a link regarding the red ones. Scroll down to the middle of the page to read the article.


04-18-2001, 12:53 PM
Cool. Thanx for the info. Yes, I know there are some that are false, but I`ve eaten them all of my life (to great extent I might add), and have never gotten sick. Now, on the other hand, my grandfather, father, and brother each have gotten sick on them and won`t touch them anymore (more for me, too bad eh?).

Perhaps they each got a bad one, but I ate out of the same batch as my brother that one time he got sick, but he only ate 2 halves, so the likelihood you would think is that somebody else would get sick also, but noone else did.

Oh well. I`ll eat them til the day I die, which if I get a bad one, might be that day!

Thanx again for the info.

04-18-2001, 04:28 PM
http://www.lycaeum.org/drugs.old/plants/mushrooms/gg32/mmgg.htm :D

04-23-2001, 03:25 PM

well, I'm tired of worrying/thinking about the shoulda/woulda/coulda of the draft...I'll just wait and see what happens.

On a Lighter note...I didn't get a turkey, find a 10lb mushroom(the kind your grandma might eat, not your brother in college) or catch a damn fish............but had fun looking on a darn nice weekend.....

tomorrow on the planet: "when badgers attack"

04-25-2001, 07:05 AM
Well this weekend should turn out to be one of the best for turkey hunting and mushrooms, although it still might be a little early yet. Unfortunately, I will be Pike fishing in northern SD where the ice is just leaving up there and there is still snow on the ground, believe it or not.

For all you shroomers, I expect a complete report when I return!!!

04-25-2001, 07:12 AM
I guess I'll have to rub it in a litttle Iowanian. Didn't find a 10lb mushroom but I did find several. Caught a couple of crappie AND I got my turkey Monday morning. Turned out to be a great weekend. :)

04-25-2001, 08:16 AM
I'm just apparently not as good with the "man time management" as I intended to be. I did get my dirt bike picked up and delivered to a shop, hunted mushrooms and arrowheads with my "friend", a buddy and his wife...skunked, but a nice day out. Didn't catch a fish, but didn't try too hard....

turkey hunting....went once and didn't see anything...the youngest brother had a badger run full boar at him....shot it 5' away...a very spooky looking creature up close.

Going to Bull Shoals this weekend...should find mushrooms and catch more fish that I can lie about.;)

04-25-2001, 08:39 AM
iowa...i've also been skunked on the shroons, but found two nice arrowheads friday night on the way home from work. bought a 6pack and stopped at the river. found em both within 20minutes. was home, pulling the brush hog w/the 4wheeler, mowing by time the lovely wife pulled in the driveway. she was so happy!!!

the year started out pretty slow w/the arrowhead hunting, but in the last couple weeks, i've found 5 real nice pieces.

04-25-2001, 09:04 AM

I've never had much luck with arrowhead hunting..i should be able to, I was a geology minor in college...but some of the stuff that IS actually an artifact is tough to see....and know what it is...

My grandad's farm was always a magnet for enthusiasts...they used to find all kinds of stuff on the river bottom. We found a tomahawk near a ditch while playing as kids...not sure where it ended up..

saturday I went with my buddy and his wife to a site where she found an axe head in perfect condition last year...an archeologist said it was a camp location...we found alot of burnt rocks, but didn't find any arrowheads....gotta keep looking...

last year...because the housefull of young cousins was driving me nuts, we suggested a hay ride...arrowhead hunt....it was just an excuse....but we took 6 kids to the creek(that I've walked hundreds of times with nothing found) and within 20 minutes....a flippin' 6year old had a nice piece...

what type of areas do you check? I look on the humps on the river bottoms after disking, in the creek banks and in the rock piles past the corners of the creeks.....would like to find some stuff;)

04-25-2001, 09:14 AM
iowa...i've been finding them all my life. have over 200 different good ones. 6axes 1maul, etc. i've got a point that's made out of petrified coral(found in n.e. missouri), and a drill made out of a petrified sharks tooth(also found in missouri)

rivers, creeks, and fields(although the farmers dont plow enough any more).

it's best to know where the rivers went before they were straightened out and levees were put up. that's the best way to find where the old camps where.

i'm leaving at noon to go work on a remote machine. if i can get it un-hosed in time, i'm gonna walk a creek and look for some before i go home.

finding an arrowhead is a major rush...i squeal, dance, and crack 2beers. one for me and one for the old lab.


04-25-2001, 09:30 AM

Coral and a shark's tooth, in NE MO? Would love to know how that got there.

My grandfather used to find arrowheads down here on his land in central MO but I haven't seen one in years.

Some stories in my family history indicates there MAY have been a rather large Union Army encampment on my father's farm. I'd love to get a metal detector and see what I could find there. Not too sure about the exact location of the camp, it may have actually been miles from there.

04-25-2001, 09:30 AM

hunting arrowheads is something that has started to interest me alot more lately...I think just being outside as much as anything

I dated a girl in HS(a couple times) whose dad was a huge hunter....he had like 9000 pieces...after he passed there was some speculation that he had made some of them because there were so many....He had a room full of glass display cases....

a buddy of mine found a grinding stone?(held in hand to grind corn) and a big rock(where the corn was ground)...it is very cool.

so.....look along old creek beds, plowed fields, and in creeks...and thats about it huh? any particular things indicate hot spots or do you look through rock piles and sand bars?

04-25-2001, 09:33 AM

geologically speaking...Large portions of the midwest spent significant amounts of time covered by the sea....this helps explain the large limestone deposits... fossils are abundant throughout the region...crinoids and other fossils are everywhere.

04-25-2001, 09:45 AM
iowa...that's just about it...oh yeah...you need a walking stick in one hand, and a beer in the other.
proper procedure.

gh4...from what i've learned, these people would travel long distances to quarry their rock they used to make their tools. myself, i think they traded it alot also.

the civil war camps are fun to walk also...i've found a cannonball in southeast missouri, and a pair of slave shackles west of st.louis on the meramac river.


04-25-2001, 10:29 AM
My family has a place in Granby (SW Mo), nearby is the small town of Newtonia. Newtonia was the site of two fairly large engagements in the Civil War.
I used to walk the battlefield there with a rather cheap metal detector when I was a kid. I found several Minie Balls and a lot of garbage, but my best find was the lock plate off of a Springfield musket.


04-25-2001, 10:46 AM
i found a dozen drills in ellington, mo. in my grandmothers garden behind her house. right after she tilled the garden.
there's all kinds of cool stuff out there. if i didn't have to work for a living, it's all i'd do.

04-25-2001, 11:17 AM
Awww No Turkey for me today, or should I say I did not shoot one. BUT wife hit a nice tom on the way home from work today....go figure.

Picked up a few mushrooms thou, so the morning was not all wasted.

04-25-2001, 07:38 PM
JohninGpt - I used to know a family that lived down in Granby with the last name of Alexander (I think), two girls who would be in their mid to lower 20's. Kind of weird to run into someone who has actually heard of Granby, haven't thought about that place in years.

04-25-2001, 07:51 PM
i had a really good weekend:

1 turkey: obtained on saturday........my best friend is the conservation agent here and he caught someone getting an early start and brought me the bird.......6 beers consumed admiring, skinning, and laughing about it.

2 nice catfish: caught totally legal

6 filet size bluegill: caught totally legal.....12 beers consumed between this and the catfish

no mushrooms or arrowheads, but didnt try either.....

do any of you guys know anything about Indian mounds?.......my dad claims he has some on his property, and they definately look like they arent natural mounds but how do you tell if they are really indian mounds?

Joe Seahawk
04-25-2001, 09:32 PM
An Eskimo was using his snow blower on his side walk when the snow blower suddenly broke down. He took it to a mechanic and the mechanic says "looks like you blew a seal." The Eskimo rubs his nose and says "No, thats just snot."

04-25-2001, 09:42 PM
I don't really know many of the folks living in Granby. We've got a place outside of town on a bluff over Shoal Creek. Kind of a weekend getaway/endless construction project we started when I was about 12 yrs old.
I haven't got to spend much time there since I joined the Navy, but have a lot of good memories from there.

-Missing his childhood

04-26-2001, 06:31 AM
Excellent Joe! LMAO!

~ PTLyon is easily amused

04-30-2001, 08:13 AM
spent a long weekend at Bull Shoals....very nice lake...too clear...could easily see 15-20' down, so the fishing was slow....did catch some nice small mouth and a couple of decent largemouth bass....Its discouraging to see that many fish, touch them with your lure and not get a reaction...

I've seen a few Indian mound sites...I've been to a couple with a state archeologist, so I might be able to help...no guru though....All I have seen are larger than I expected, built on hill tops, were difficult to see from the bottom of the hill, and easy from the top....If you hold a witching rod over your head on one, it will spin circles...kind of creepy actually.

04-30-2001, 09:42 AM
Iowa - how about shrooms? Bag any?

My fishing trip up in SD went good. Friday was a zero but Saturday we caught 16 Northerns. Had to go from throwing spoons to fishing dead smelt off of the bottom.

Am anxiously awaiting testing out my shrooming ground...

04-30-2001, 09:53 AM

I didn't spend any time looking for them....Most of my time at the lake was spent friday riding, saturday fishing, and then driving 7hrs back to the folks'. sunday, I recovered from saturday night, working on our little "hare scramble" track in the timber(people coming this weekend to ride, so we had to work on it)...and testing the track...no time for mushrooms...I'll try to get out some this week.

04-30-2001, 10:01 AM
i'm bummed...spent the whole weekend doing yard work for the wife. one of the neighbors went down to my special spot and found over 100.

i've only found 2, and i'm about to quit for the year...brush is getting too thick.

yardwork sucks

04-30-2001, 10:20 AM
Sec & Iowa... Right there you have an obvious problem of having the wrong priorities... Of course, then listen to me wasting my time fishing for snakes...

But we had a good time and that`s all that counts...


ptlyon - mushroom homer

04-30-2001, 10:24 AM
they aint my priorities, buddy.

they're my orders

04-30-2001, 10:32 AM
Yea Sec, just funnin ya... When the boss speaks you best be jumpin...

That`s why I don`t have one of those (wives that is)...

04-30-2001, 10:41 AM
ptlyon...she's tough, but she's fun to watch when she's bent over, in shorts.

our yard's over 8acres now...we keep one rider, a pull-behind i hook to the 4wheeler, and a push mower runnning. still takes a whole day along w/a 12pack.

i feel like i could fry an egg on my poor old sunburned forehead.

04-30-2001, 10:45 AM

it sounds like quite a 'honey-do' list....exactly the reason I date a gal so far away...and that works every 3rd weekend night shift...so I can do "man stuff" at least once a month....

my folks yard is big too..not sure exactly how big, but it takes a solid 8 hrs to mow....and some more to trim...but it sure does look nice when their done.....except for the new motocross track through the back yard and over the pond damn.....

04-30-2001, 10:55 AM

What kind of mushrooms are you guys talking about? Are they the "good" kind of mushrooms? wink, wink, nudge, nudge And if they are, are they reeeally "good"? heh heh heh

04-30-2001, 12:07 PM

we're mostly discussing Morrell mushrooms...the kind you can eat with your family.....not the kind your worthless brotherinlaw would nibble on instead of looking for a job ;)