View Full Version : Memorial Day and Frankfort, KS

05-27-2007, 07:53 PM
In today's Sunday KC Star, there's a story about a little town in North Central Kansas. Frankfort, KS is where I go every year for Thanksgiving and Easter. This is where my wife's mom grew up, and we go there to spend the holidays with her family who have lived there for sixty years or more.

I've been to Frankfort many times over my married life. It's a sleepy little town like dozens of other Kansas farm towns. I didn't know about their history until this article today in the KC Star. My wife's Uncle Bill still lives in Frankfort. He was at Pearl Habor when it was attacked. He was a sailor on a supply ship, and was sleeping off ship in a barracks when the attack happened. He was unhurt, but had to help collect the dead over the next week, and bury dozens of dead sailors. He stayed in the Navy until after the end of the Korean War.

Anyway, you can read the story at link below. Happy Memorial Day, this is what it's all about.