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05-30-2007, 08:54 PM

Defensive rankings: Bears still rank on top

"Defense! Defense!"

It's the staple of all chants at football games. OK, so the college game boasts some ribbing about future employment and the state's higher education. And the any cheer that denigrates the opponent, particularly when sprinkled liberally with colorful language, always get the crowd roaring too.

But, there's never a more unifying moment for a stadium than on a critical late-game third-and-short play when a beleaguered defense needs to make a stand. The voices rise in unison and whip everyone into a frenzy. For that moment, the 12th man feels like part of the fray.

In the fantasy football realm, the team defense is one of the last roster slots filled on draft day with the exception of the top units (typically Chicago and Baltimore in recent years). The rest of the teams creep up the board until the inevitable run at the end of the selection process.

The pick of a defense may be a formality to most, but longtime fantasy players have seen defenses help to overcome lackluster efforts by offensive stars and generate wins. Last season, virtually every defensive unit came up with a huge scoring day.

For our ranking purposes, it's consistency that matters. I'll bust out some sleepers in a future column (San Francisco, anyone?), but for now let's look at the tried and true. Lovie Smith's unit tops my list for 2007.

Team Defense Rankings

1. Chicago Bears
2. Baltimore Ravens
3. New England Patriots
4. San Diego Chargers
5. Pittsburgh Steelers
6. Miami Dolphins
7. Philadelphia Eagles
8. Jacksonville Jaguars
9. Denver Broncos
10. Carolina Panthers

05-30-2007, 08:55 PM
For the record, the Patriots never came remotely close to slowing Peyton Manning down.

The Chiefs held the Colts to 23, and might have done much better if the offense hadn't been historically bad.

05-30-2007, 08:58 PM
did Ty Law get some longer cleats